MetaTrader 4 Mobile now with line studies features!


25 October 2005

MetaTrader 4 Mobile. Build 186.

1. Added line studies: horizontal, vertical lines, Fibonacci lines;
2. Added feature of working with email messages, menu «Service->Mailbox»;
3. Added feature of managing system events sound alerts, menu «Service-> Settings», tab «Events»;
4. Added German interface language;
5. Added feature of deleting the useless login;
6. Added feature of setting up the capacity of history to be stored and displayed, menu «Service-> Settings», tab «Server», parameter «Max. bars in chart»;
7. Improved chart positioning at the «Auto Scroll» option being enabled;
8. Added feature of opening chart window from the context menu of the «Orders» tab;
9. Improved appearance of prices and indicator data in the chart;
10. Modified dialogue used for changing passwords;
11. Fixed displaying of the order close price in «By request» execution mode.