The 2007 Automated Trading Championship Is Over


22 December 2007

12 weeks of the most interesting and exciting event in the world of automated trading, the 2007 Automated Trading Championship, are over. The championship is finished with all Expert Advisors fully stopped. Now's the time to name the winners and hand out prizes.

  1. The first place winner of the 2007 Automated Trading Championship is Olexandr Topchylo (Better) from Ukraine. Olexandr participated in the 2006 Championship, but without success. Having learned the lessons of the past contest, Olexandr has won with a great lead ahead of others this time. For five weeks in a row, he held the first position in the Top Ten chart. Olexandr will receive the The First Place 2007 Automated Trading Championship award and the prize of $40,000 from ODL Securities Limited. Congratulations, Olexandr!

  2. The last two weeks saw a tough struggle for the second place. It was taken by William Boatright (wackena), a US national, with $55,000  recorded just one day before the end of the contest. He states that timeframes coded in his Expert Advisor make the latter more reliable. William will receive The Second Place 2007 Automated Trading Championship award and $25,000 from Alpari (UK) Limited. Congratulations, William!

  3. The third place was taken by Vasiliy Lavrinenko (PegasMaster) from Ukraine. His Expert Advisor, Pegas, slowly but surely made to the top of the table and hit Top Ten only in the last several weeks. Though the Expert Advisor went on quite steadily, its profit was far below that of the leaders. However, the Expert Advisor managed to add nearly $10,000 to its balance and landed the third place on the last day of the Championship. Vasiliy will receive The Third Place 2007 Automated Trading Championship award and $15,000 from FXDD. Congratulations, Vasiliy!

We would like to thank all the participants and sponsors of the 2007 Automated Trading Championship and wish each and everyone a very happy and successful New Year.