Press Release: TeamWox Revolution


23 June 2009

Release of TeamWox Trial Version — First Step to the Revolution in the Market of Management Systems

Today the developers from MetaQuotes Software Corp. released the trial version of the groupware system — TeamWox. Now anyone can download the program and start working with it. The trial period is 3 months which should be enough to test the system to the full extent in your own company.

TeamWox belongs to the class of software that allows organizing the efficient working of teams within a company. However, it is not a standard system of enterprise management. Its revolutionary innovation is in the simplicity and speed of installation. Among its slow and quite complex competitors TeamWox is different — it is easily installed and it doesn’t need lengthy configuration. What is more, in order to implement it in an enterprise there is no need to use expensive system integrators. The trial software was released with a view to demonstrate all of these advantages.

"Easy" and "Quick" are two key words in the design of TeamWox product. On the basis of this design, MetaQuotes Software Corp. has created an excellent and effective tool for managing business processes.

Never before were the systems of enterprise management so accessible and so clear. With the introduction of TeamWox into the market of corporate information systems many problems, that seemed to be part of any automation, will disappear. Difficulties in installing, lengthy implementation and costly operations — TeamWox puts all of that in the past.

The benefits to the business from TeamWox are obvious. The necessity of a lengthy installation and longer implementation disappear — the powerful tool for managing the company is quickly and easily installed without any extra expense. In this regard, TeamWox works as the familiar Microsoft Office package — you install it and you can start working with it immediately. According to the developers, TeamWox will become a de-facto standard in the sphere of automation of business processes for small and medium sized business.

Public availability of the software is only the first step for the project of MetaQuotes Software Corp. It allows a business to get acquainted with the features of TeamWox and understand how the system can be quickly launched in an enterprise. However, it doesn’t show the full scale of the revolution. The company’s plans are to launch a fundamentally new product; an enterprise management system that does not need to be implemented.

You can download and test the trial version of the program by the following address:


About Company
MetaQuotes Software Corp. began its work in 2000 as a developer of B2B software. Today the company established itself as a leading choice at the market of software for organization of brokerage servicing in financial markets across the globe (MetaTrader trademark). Since 2005 MetaQuotes Software has been working on the development of the enterprise management systems. The first system of this kind was developed on demand of several companies and was not distributed in public. Having serious experience in developing such software, the company developed the TeamWox concept (quickly installing and not requiring great expenses on implementation enterprise management system) and implemented it in the system of the same name. At the moment, the company is just starting to launch the product to the market.
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About Product
TeamWox is a web-server application intended for the organization of group work in the different companies. The program represents the easy, convenient and functional tool for managing a modern company. TeamWox consists of modules of tasks, documents flow, mail service, clients data base, board, reports, etc. It allows to control business processes in a company and to concentrate all the corporate information at one place. Using TeamWox you can achieve the clarity in group working, increase the labor capacity of employees and decrease the company’s expenses. As a result, the business becomes more controlled and flexible. The main difference of TeamWox is the quick installation and implementation of the system.
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