Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language


9 August 2013 forum now features automatic translation of any messages. You can translate any forum message, regardless of its source language, into one of 12 languages: Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Thus, you can translate forum messages from any language.

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages from Any Language

Write in your mother tongue and communicate with participants in the way you like. Now, everyone will be able to understand you! Translate any Forum discussions in two clicks and read them in your native language. So, you will also be able to understand anyone!  

Automatic Translation of Forum Messages

The editor of forum messages has also obtained some new features. After you have prepared your message in any language, you can translate it into one of the three interface languages (English, Russian or Chinese) right in the editor. To do that, click Translate button on the editor's panel.

Click Translate Button on the Editor's Panel 

There are no linguistic barriers on forum any more. Now, you are able to find common language with all community members!