MetaTrader 4 iOS Features New Chat — Interact Freely with Traders in Your Mobile Terminal!


2 October 2013

At the start of the year, MetaTrader 4 iOS users received an opportunity to communicate with friends in the internal free chat. In the latest version of the mobile platform, we have thoroughly revised the chat making it even more convenient.   

Below are five innovations improving MetaTrader 4 iOS chat:

  1. Now, the entire message history is automatically uploaded into the conversation regardless of whether these messages have been sent/received via the mobile device or website.

  2. The character limit in messages has been increased up to 1 000.

  3. Registration and authorization at are available directly from the mobile terminal. There is no need to close the program and switch to, as all can be done in your mobile MetaTrader now.

    Entering right via the mobile platform    Login autocomplete when searching for a contact

  4. Login autocomplete function when searching for contacts has been introduced. Now, you can find your friends faster.

  5. All discussions have been divided into Recent and Other.  

The innovations have been implemented not only to the chat and platform's social features. MetaTrader 4 iOS now features About section allowing you to manage sound alerts, news and screen auto-lock mode.

Newly introduced About section

Besides, when switching time frames, the chart is shifted to the latest quote.

Do you want to try the new features of mobile MetaTrader 4 on your iPhone or iPad right now? Download our free application from AppStore!