MetaTrader 4 Now Features the Market of Trading Robots!


3 February 2014

The release of MetaTrader 4 build 600 has considerably expanded the capabilities of traders - the platform now features the store of trading applications. MetaTrader Market already offers more than 200 trading robots, technical indicators and other products. Any MetaTrader 4 user can buy or download them free of charge right now.

MetaTrader 4 Now Features the Market of Trading Robots

MetaTrader Market was previously available only to traders working with MetaTrader 5. However, the great and understandable interest in the Market displayed by MetaTrader 4 users has prompted us to launch it on that platform as well. Now, any of 7 million MetaTrader 4/5 users can enter the Market and purchase a necessary product right from the terminal.

MetaTrader Market

MetaTrader Market is gradually becoming a unique hub that contains all the necessary tools for traders of all skill levels. This will soon be further reinforced as we are about to start offering other categories of digital content in the Market highly sought after by many users.

Start the platform, download applications, buy trading robots and enjoy a new trading experience!