FINAM offers MetaTrader 5 with single account support: one terminal, 4 exchanges and 10,000 instruments


3 April 2018

The well-known Russian broker has connected the new platform to its single trading account. Now, the broker's clients can trade MOEX, SPB Exchange, NYSE and Nasdaq instruments via MetaTrader 5.

This is a persuasive response to the popular comment of technology pessimists who claim that, "The platform is good, but you need to install a separate terminal for each market." Now, traders can buy and sell Nasdaq instruments, speculate on the MOEX futures section and trade S&P500 stocks on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange from a single MetaTrader 5 account.

FINAM offers MetaTrader 5 with single account support

The single FINAM account supports multiple exchanges trading, and thus clients do not need to open separate accounts for each market. Available securities can be used as collateral to cover trades on the single account. Also, the broker offers a single rate on margin trading for all supported markets.

Dmitry Antsiferov, Head of Trading Systems Business-Support department

Dmitry Antsiferov, Head of Trading Systems Business-Support department

Mr. Dmitry Antsiferov, FINAM Group Board Member and Head of the Trading Systems Business Support department, comments, "Our key commitment is to deliver excellent services to our customers and to create comfortable conditions for working with our entire range of products. The launch of the latest MetaTrader version perfectly fits into this strategy: the platform will simplify exchange transactions and increase efficiency. MetaTrader 5 will help traders in avoiding unnecessary actions, save time and stay completely focused on trading operations. Our customers will definitely enjoy the high level of capital protection and advanced trading capabilities available in MetaQuotes' latest product."

You can download MetaTrader 5 with single account support for free at this link.