MetaTrader 5 build 2450: Negative prices, market data subscriptions and new chart settings


29 May 2020

The updated platform features the all-new Subscription service, with which traders will be able to subscribe to market data from hundreds of exchanges around the world. Brokers can offer their own subscription services, such as Personal Manager assistance, to help traders in understanding specific financial instruments or in getting acquainted with particular markets. The platform developers have also revised charts: convenient settings and other improvements have been introduced in this essential trader's tool. The most noticeable changes are described below.

MetaTrader 5 build 2450: Negative prices, market data subscriptions and new chart settings


The major update concerns the new Subscriptions feature available in the Navigator. The new service will help traders improve trading efficiency and save time on training.

The new service 'Subscriptions'

The service includes market data subscriptions, such as stocks, options, bonds and other security Level 1 and 2 data from a plethora of exchanges around the world. Furthermore, brokers will be able to offer Personal Manager assistance via the service. Such assistance can be helpful in solving extra trading tasks: creating an investment portfolio, analyzing and selecting structured products or providing tax or legislation advice.

Paid subscriptions

Upon subscription, selected trading instruments will appear in the Market Watch list. They can be utilized as regular symbols: users can view quotes, open charts and analyze them using objects and indicators, as well as run Expert Advisors in the strategy tester. The only restriction is that trading operations for these symbols are not supported.

Each subscription is featured alongside a detailed description to help traders choose the desired service. If a subscription is provided on a paid basis, the relevant fee can be paid directly from a trading account. All active subscriptions can be viewed and managed from a separate section.


The revised charts feature more convenient settings.

What's new:

1. A new option provides quick access to a symbol's Market Depth data and chart. This can be done by selecting the relevant command from the context menu.

Quick access via the context menu

2. The new "Show ticker" option shows/hides the line containing the trading symbol name, the timeframe and a custom comment.

The new 'Show ticker' option

3. The "Show trading history" command has been added into terminal and chart settings. Now, the history of trading operations can be accessed quickly without switching between sections. The setting can be applied to all charts simultaneously or independently.

The new 'Show trading history' option

All the new commands are conveniently arranged in the context menu.

The chart context menu

4. Another new feature in MetaTrader 5 will help you find the desired symbol chart when multiple charts are open in the terminal. Click on a symbol in the Market Watch, on an alert, an order or a position line in the trading or history section, and the appropriate symbol chart will blink three times.

Multiple charts are open in the terminal

5. A few changes in the latest version concern chart appearance:

  • New Color on White scheme has been added into chart settings
  • Tickets are no longer displayed for positions, orders and levels, in order to keep the chart clean
  • All captions appear in uppercase for better readability
  • If the volume does not have a fractional part, no extra zeros are shown in the value
  • Levels are hidden if the chart height is less than 80 pixels
  • Symbol descriptions are shown in the upper left chart corner (if such a description is available)

    New chart appearance

Other updates

The recent drop in oil prices below zero has forced the developers to introduce negative prices in the platform. Support for such prices enables proper platform operation in similar situations. Furthermore, new columns have been added to the list of open orders and positions (such as operation profitability, market value and magic number), the maximum number of symbols in Market Watch has been increased to 5,000, and the search option has been improved.

The full What's New list

Update to build 2450

Use the new MetaTrader 5 features to improve trading efficiency and to generate more profits. Subscribe to market data to explore new trading opportunities and request assistance of experienced personal managers to utilize the MetaTrader 5 capabilities to the full. The platform will be updated automatically, while you only need to restart MetaTrader 5 when the appropriate notification appears in the terminal.