Does your broker offer free VPS for algorithmic trading?


29 September 2021

Does your broker offer free VPS for algorithmic trading?

The popularity of algorithmic and social trading keeps growing, as is confirmed by our website statistics: every month, our users purchase thousands of automated trading robots from the Market and subscribe to thousands of signals. Naturally, brokers have paid attention to this large audience of potential clients.

To attract more users, companies create new offerings for traders utilizing robots and trading signals. One of the most efficient strategies, concerns the availability of a free of charge VPS for round-the-clock trading — in this case, brokers provide servers for algorithmic trading at their own expense. To assist companies in sponsoring hosting servers for their traders, we have launched a new service entitled "Sponsored Virtual Hosting for MetaTrader 5".

With this service, any broker can offer a free virtual machine to their traders, according to an individual, commercially viable strategy. For example, RoboForex offers free VPS to the clients who open a verified MetaTrader 5 account and deposit USD 500. The company representatives believe that the service gives traders the opportunity to extend their trading horizons. "This is an extremely important point for us because the availability and quality of our services is the priority," explains Mr. Robert Stephenson, Chief Business Officer of RoboForex. "We believe that our joint efforts will boost customer interest in trading."

Sponsored Virtual Hosting for MetaTrader 5

Our native ready-made specialized MetaTrader VPS solution for social and algorithmic trading has become extremely popular among our trading platform users. According to our statistics, users have rented hundreds of thousands of servers for failure-free,round-the-clock trading.

Why is our VPS solution so attractive for users? Because it offers better trade execution times by ensuring a network latency of less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world, and provide optimal access to trading servers: London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Falkenstein, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg.

57% of broker servers can be accessed with a ping of less than 2 ms

57% of broker servers can be accessed with a ping of less than 2 ms

Our servers are hosted by reliable providers to guarantee a maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be certain that your strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space and several CPUs are allocated on demand.

Furthermore, MetaTrader VPS does not require extra connection or configuration steps: it is a built-in solution which can be managed directly from the trading platform. Robots and subscriptions can be easily migrated to a virtual server in a few clicks.

Of course, you can rent a VPS directly via your terminal for USD 15 per month. Even in this case, you will benefit from the MetaTrader VPS subscription, as its cost can be completely paid off by better execution times. You can additionally benefit from a long-term rent with a monthly fee of only USD 13.17. However, we all like to receive gifts. With the new Sponsored VPS service for brokers, every trader can receive a reliable virtual server for round-the-clock trading for free.

Find out from your broker on which terms they are offering a free of charge VPS. Even if they do not yet provide this opportunity, you can show your interest in the hosting service and encourage your broker to include the free VPS option into their offering. It is a win-win deal: you will get a reliable, high-performance environment for trading robots and signals, while your broker will benefit from greater customer loyalty.

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