MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting: 10 Gbps speed, low latency and global load balancing


5 May 2022

MetaQuotes offers a new solution for brokers to assist in improving access to trading facilities while considerably reducing network delays. MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting improves customer service quality in high trading activity regions — the service provides quick and cost-effective deployment of secure access points for trading servers, which enable high-speed, reliable connection to the platform.

To ensure the best possible customer experience, we host our equipment at Equinix, one of the best European providers. The data centers are located in London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Hong Kong (HK1). Additionally, we have servers in the Amsterdam-based data center, in Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Lagos and Johannesburg. The solution is built into the platform, enabling the launch of new access points in a couple of clicks straight via MetaTrader 5 Administrator. The launched points become available to traders in just a few seconds.

MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting: 10 Gbps speed, low latency and global load balancing

MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting advantages:

  • Access in 30 seconds. The server will start accepting trader connections immediately after an order is placed in MetaTrader 5 Administrator.
  • No overpayments or long-term contracts. Subscription fees are charged on a monthly basis for as long as the service is used. The customer can cancel a subscription or relocate access points at any time.
  • Powerful hardware. We offer up-to-date servers with NVMe disks and 10 Gbps transfer speeds. The service allocates IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • No excessive arrangement. We have already signed contracts with reliable data centers in strategically important geographical regions, while we have resolved all organizational matters.
  • Complete security. The server does not have access to trading account passwords, keys or trading operations. All account data is transferred via access servers in an encrypted form and is decoded at trading servers.
  • No maintenance costs. MetaQuotes tackles all technical issues.

The MetaTrader 5 trading platform assists users in solving business tasks by utilizing advanced technological solutions and MetaQuotes' long-term expertise. To keep up with the constantly changing market requirements, use reliable tools which yield consistent and predictable results.

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