Meros Equity Global Management launches a new asset class for brokers – pre-IPO and IPO investments available on MetaTrader 5


17 February 2023

Meros Equity Global Management financial company has announced the launch of a new asset class and liquidity service for brokers - pre-IPO and IPO investments based on the MetaTrader 5 platform. As stated by the company representatives, brokers will be able to receive pre-IPO and IPO liquidity and open access to venture investments for retail traders, which previously was a privilege of accredited and institutional investors in the OTC market. Unique selection of private companies’ shares is already available on the trading platform for brokers using the liquidity service.

Mr. Abduvoris Kalandar, the Founder and CEO of Meros Equity Global Management

Mr. Abduvoris Kalandar, the Founder and CEO of Meros Equity Global Management

Mr. Abduvoris Kalandar, the Founder & CEO of Meros Equity Global Management, commented on the launch: "Private equity is a new trend of the industry. We’ve been witnessing certain stagnation in the evolution of some investment assets. Brokers were using the same approaches and trading solutions as they did 5 or 10 years ago, while customer requests and interests have seriously changed through the years. Their eyes are now focused upon new investment ideas and opportunities. Among the highly-demanded assets are the shares of well-known and successful private companies, such as SpaceX or Revolut, which are impossible to buy on a stock exchange. The only obstacle between mass market and venture investments was low accessibility of these instruments due to high entry thresholds. We’ve developed a smart solution to make these stocks available for all traders in the world, and all within the MetaTrader 5 system our clients are familiar with". As Mr. Kalandar said, the new liquidity asset class is easy to setup and capable of providing additional revenue stream and customer base LTV boost.

In January, Meros Equity Global Management has presented their liquidity provider service to the Forex community on the iFX Expo 2023. "The advantages of pre-IPO and IPO instruments are their investment attractiveness and high potential yield. This is confirmed by our latest deals. The most promising startups, selected by our analytical partners, conduct funding rounds and become public. This is where their capitalization increases significantly and brings our investors massive profit", Mr. Yuri Sizov, Head of B2B Meros Equity Global Management, added. "Being an innovative broker means always following the trends and adding new instruments and asset classes. It’s time to introduce Private Equity instruments to your retail investors".

Meros Equity Global Management is an international financial company that owns investment funds registered in Delaware (USA), Europe and the UAE. The company operates in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union.

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