Does your broker offer free VPS for trading?


3 August 2023

MetaQuotes is dedicated to expanding the algorithmic trading community worldwide. One of the most notable achievements is this, a source of pride for us. As the next step, we have introduced the Sponsored VPS program for automated trading, which enables brokerage companies to provide free hosting to their clients under predefined conditions. Recently, we have upgraded the program, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Does your broker offer free VPS for trading?

The Sponsored VPS program benefits both brokers and traders. Brokers experience improved customer engagement and increased trading volumes, while traders gain access to excellent hosting at no cost and the ability to run their algorithmic strategies 24/7. This win-win approach creates favorable conditions for all market participants, maximizing performance, improving professional expertise, growing the global knowledge base, and advancing the industry as a whole.

We recommend inquiring with your broker about whether they have joined the Sponsored MetaTrader VPS program or whether they plan to do so in the future. Even if your broker does not yet know about this program, your inquiry could spark interest, leading the company to consider offering the option to its clients. So, we recommend that you reach out to your broker and inquire about the availability of this service.

Typically, free VPS is provided based on certain conditions set by the brokerage company in accordance with their objectives. Find out if these conditions align with your trading need – they can involve some simple action which you perform regularly. By meeting the broker's conditions, you can gain access to a powerful automated trading tool which can assist in improving your trading results.

MetaTrader VPS is a specialized, natively integrated solution for professional social and algorithmic trading, which does not require additional activations or configurations. Robots and subscriptions can be easily migrated to a virtual server in a few clicks. More than a dozen hosting points are located around the world to ensure optimal access with less than 5 milliseconds for 82% of all brokerage servers. MetaTrader VPS servers are hosted by the most reliable providers to ensure maximum uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your trading strategies will run consistently 24/7. Smart resource allocation algorithms ensure that each trading platform receives enough resources on a virtual machine: up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of hard disk space, and several CPUs allocated on demand.