How MetaTrader VPS works


11 August 2023

Fundamental trading principles require instant responses to significant market changes and outstanding reliability when performing trades. In other words, a trade must be executed precisely at the moment you need it. We have created MetaTrader VPS enabling every trader to create predictably robust technical conditions. The main purpose of this service is to ensure the flawless and uninterrupted operation of trading strategies.

How MetaTrader VPS works

MetaTrader VPS is different from ordinary virtual machines that can be rented for a website or backup hosting. This solution is only available for traders and thus it avoids all unnecessary resource-consuming features. It is a tailored solution to maximize usability and efficiency for algorithmic and social traders. For over two decades, MetaQuotes has been dedicated to advancing financial technologies. Our profound expertise, coupled with constant interactions with the direct users of our services, has enabled us to create a product that fits perfectly traders' needs. Thousands of active users stand as a testament to our successful efforts.

MetaTrader VPS provides a range of unique features that set it apart from ordinary virtual hosting solutions.

Low latency

The service provides a delay of less than 3 ms for 70% of brokers' trading servers. Furthermore, nearly one-fifth of all servers can be accessed in less than 1 ms. This means that, regardless of your location, you can considerably improve your performance compared to your home computer. This is the key service advantage — its cost will be quickly paid off due to better trade executions. Even if you perform just a few trades per month, you will save pips on each trade, ultimately fully covering the virtual server renting cost.

Reliable access points

To guarantee the best access to broker servers, we have located hosting points in reliable, certified data centers in New York, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Lagos, Sao Paulo, and Mumbai. Such broad geographic coverage ensures a stable connection to any company. Our partners provide maximum uptime, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted operation of your strategies 24/7. According to our agreement conditions, the mandatory hardware maintenance is only scheduled on weekends.

Computing power

Each user can access up to 16 GB of disk space, up to 3 GB of RAM, and several CPU physical cores. These resources are more than enough for the efficient simultaneous operation of several trading strategies. Unlike many general-purpose hosting providers, we offer the actual amount of resources and prevent overselling. You can rest assured that all these computing resources remain at your immediate disposal.

In MetaTrader 5 VPS, CPU cores are not loaded by infrastructure maintenance operations, which can slow down your robot's analytical functions. There are no delays between making a trading decision and sending a trading order to the server.

Technological approach

We have developed special lightweight platform versions for our VPS. To ensure maximum resources for Expert Advisor calculations, all functions not used for algorithmic and copy trading are disabled. The platform's graphics system, including the charts, has been virtualized, eliminating the need to use a video card or CPU power to display graphical elements. MetaTrader VPS allocates these resources exclusively for your tasks. It is impossible to implement a similar solution on third-party cloud hosting.

Full compatibility with the trading platform

MetaTrader VPS is specifically developed to seamlessly run our trading platform. This means that all components are 100% compatible, eliminating the need for any configuration or adjustments. Your robots and signal subscriptions can be migrated to the cloud with a single click, while product activations remain unaffected. Please note that when using a regular hosting service, you will need an additional copy of your product.

System security

We recognize that any financial information is important and sensitive for every trader, which is why we place special emphasis on ensuring data protection. MetaQuotes' internal policy safeguards your data from any third-party access. We guarantee that your account data and strategies cannot be accessed without your explicit content, regardless of the circumstances.

Flexible terms

Renting MetaTrader VPS for a month will cost USD 15. By utilizing it for trading instead of relying on a home PC or regular hosting, this cost can potentially be paid off in just a few trades. For those who wish to rent the virtual platform for a longer period, we offer special discounts of up to 15%.

Whether you are already a MetaTrader VPS user or are considering connecting to the service, we recommend consulting with your broker. You may qualify for free VPS access through the Sponsored VPS program which we have recently launched among brokers and with which companies can offer free hosting to traders under certain conditions. Inquire with your broker whether they are participating in the program and request additional information about how you can access MetaTrader VPS for free.