How deep links can help you understand audiences and increase conversion rates


4 September 2023

Enhanced deep links in MetaTrader 5 can assist in spotting underperforming advertising campaigns and in redirecting your budget towards more effective ones. The impact of deep linking extends beyond advertising, positively influencing various business processes.

How deep links can help you understand audiences and increase conversion rates

Gain insights into your traffic sources and assess the campaign performance. With the new deep links, you can pinpoint exactly where a customer came from, be it an advertisement, an affiliate link, or another source. Determine the areas in which you need to optimize your customer engagement strategies and improve customer retention rates. By differentiating your link parameters, you can determine which images, promos, placements, or CTAs perform better than others. Based on this valuable information, you can improve onboarding processes, attract more clients, and increase demo-to-real conversion rates. By using the new parameters, for example, "account_type", you can forward the client to a real account opening form immediately after installing the application. This facilitates the customer's journey to live trading and increases the likelihood of successful conversion. Eliminate the need for the user to register on your website and you reduce the number of steps required to start trading, minimizing the risk of losing potential clients. Your traders will access all the required services straight within the app.

By providing the ability to utilize enhanced deep links, the MetaTrader 5 trading platform equips brokers with powerful tools to gain a deeper understanding of their clients and to optimize operational workflows. Unlike traditional deep links which offer limited data, the extended functionality supports new parameters, transforming deep links into a tool with boundless potential for insights and optimization.

Add tracking links to your ads and control the flow of traffic, which converts into app installations

How it works?

You can create a tracking link, enrich it with additional UTM parameters, and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising channels. Information about users who click on this link and install the application from the App Store or Google Play will be registered in the following databases:

  • In the client entry in MetaTrader 5 – in the Lead Source and Lead Campaign fields
  • In Finteza which is integrated with MetaTrader 5 – the enriched tracking data enables the relevant market research (end-to-end analytics, Retention, deposits and withdrawals in eCommerce, and others)

Tracking link example: utm_campaign=YourCampaignName&utm_source=TrafficSourceName&master_site_id=YourIDNumber&account_type=2

The link consists of several parts, which can be customized to your specific business needs:

  • is an app download link; in our example, it is a link to download the mobile terminal for iOS. This is a mandatory part and cannot be changed.
  • "server" is the name of the trade server to which the user will connect. Specify your server name instead of YourServerName – only your company will be displayed in the servers list for your traders.
  • "utm_source" is the traffic source where this link is placed. This can be a landing page, an affiliate site, a banner in an advertising network or on a third-party site, a button in an email, and so on. Enter the source instead of TrafficSourceName.
  • "master_site_id" is a unique tracker for your site in Finteza. This will enable the creation of end-to-end analytics.
  • "account_type" is the account type that the user will be offered to create during the first app launch: 1 for demo and 2 for real accounts. With this option, you can onboard clients directly in the application and know exactly the installation source. The real account registration form in MetaTrader 5 is customizable: You can request the required documents in accordance with your internal procedures.

Add tracking links to your ads and control the flow of traffic, which converts into app installations. With the new parameters, you can identify all your mobile users with pinpoint accuracy.