APM Capital: "We have tried different platforms, but MetaTrader 5 stands unmatched"


1 December 2023

APM Capital has launched the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Prior to this transition, the brokerage encountered various challenges while using other software, from insufficient service quality to low client acquisition rates. The strategic adoption of MetaTrader 5 had an immediate, profound impact, on the company's business: APM Capital has recorded a 20% growth in live accounts. The broker believes that this launch has introduced a new era of trading capabilities and technology-driven solutions.

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO

Mr Nick Spencer-Skeen, APM Capital CEO, commented on the launch: "We have tried different platforms, but MetaTrader 5 stands unmatched. MetaQuotes has ingeniously crafted an ecosystem for business development and seamless trading. It's not just a platform. It's the cornerstone of our commitment to innovation and client success. When you have something to compare with, the platform advantages look even better. I'm referring to its intuitive interface, the ability to trade multiple assets simultaneously, a plethora of technical analysis tools, alongside a spectrum of other services. You can use advanced indicators, run trading robots, implement custom applications, and create unlimited charts. The transition to MetaTrader 5 is not merely the launch of a trading platform – it is a transformative step that has redefined our approach to client services."

The company specialists are currently exploring sponsored virtual hosting and MetaTrader 5 Automations. "Our next step is to expand our client base by integrating diverse services available in MetaTrader 5, which is a truly comprehensive, cutting-edge solution," Mr Spencer-Skeen added. The platform's robust features and advanced technology can assist APM Capital in elevating the trading experience for its clients. Furthermore, this strategic step has already positioned the company at the forefront of the financial brokerage industry.

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