MetaTrader 5 now features a complete onboarding lifecycle, from a banner click to the first trade


23 January 2024

In the latest version, MetaTrader 5 introduces the integrated payments service which enables traders to conveniently replenish their accounts directly within the trading platform. This service not only enhances platform convenience but also represents a culmination of a large strategic direction – customer onboarding. We have been gradually implementing new platform capabilities, and now the entire cycle of interaction with new users can be organized using the internal tools provided in MetaTrader 5. The challenge of effective onboarding is especially relevant for brokerage companies, given the growing competition and the reduced time window for decision-making. Assist users entering your ecosystem and ensure they don't have to waste time searching, figuring out complexities or navigating through the process blindly. The key strategy is to guide clients smoothly, yet confidently, from the initial click on your promotional banner to their first trade.

MetaTrader 5 now features a complete onboarding lifecycle, from a banner click to the first trade

How MetaTrader 5 helps organize efficient onboarding

Start by enabling the confirmation of contact details and by allowing the opening of demo accounts and preliminary real accounts directly from the terminal. Within the trading platform, you can request the confirmation of phone numbers and emails. Utilize this feature to maintain the integrity of your client database with accurate information and to establish a valid communication channel with each client.

1. Deep links

The first thing users see in the application is a wizard guiding them to open an account on your server

Right from the start, incorporate tracking tags into the links that lead your clients to download the platform. This allows accurate tracking of installation sources, even when users come from the App Store or Google Play. By using such deep links, you can determine the most efficient advertising channels and identify the best-performing advertisement types. Furthermore, you can set up automated opening of demo and real accounts. Users will not need to search for available options as the first thing they see in the application is a wizard guiding them to open an account on your server. This streamlines the user journey to a real account, resulting in maximum lead conversion.

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2. KYC

User verification for your company security

The next important step is user verification for your company security. Built-in platform tools can automate up to 95% of data processing. This ensures an error-free, attentive, and, most importantly, swift experience for your clients at each stage. Users are only required to provide the requested information and send photos of the necessary documents. With this service, you can process 2,500 types of documents from 150 countries and assess risks according to local and international regulations. The level of personal data protection complies with the requirements in Europe (GDPR), the USA and Asia (PDPA).

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3. Automations

In the context of onboarding, Automations is practically irreplaceable

The Automations service is capable of performing almost any task that you assign to it. Entrust your regularly performed activities to the service which will instantly and accurately execute every required action. In the context of onboarding, Automations is practically irreplaceable: welcome emails, reminders of the next step, technical notifications and stimulating messages. These automated processes efficiently guide clients through every stage of the sales funnel. The service will send messages without delays upon certain events, keeping your clients well-informed and on track to complete all required steps.

Provide guidance and assistance to customers who have just registered or are transitioning to real trading. Automated mailings for new clients improve user onboarding, facilitate real account opening, and encourage traders to make more deposits.

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4. Integrated payments

Traders can now replenish their accounts directly within the trading platform

Traders can now replenish their accounts through bank transfers, cards or online payment systems directly within the trading platform. By eliminating the need to additionally register on your site, the user can almost instantly proceed to trading using integrated MetaTrader 5 solutions. The client's actions are minimized, providing you with accelerated onboarding and, consequently, increased conversion and success rates. For you, this literally means more real accounts and deposits, as well as increased trading volumes.

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5. Built-in analytics

Finteza – comprehensive end-to-end analytics for MetaTrader 5

How can you evaluate changes in the onboarding effectiveness? You need a reliable way to measure and adjust the results. Utilize Finteza – comprehensive end-to-end analytics for MetaTrader 5. This unique development by MetaQuotes allows you to seamlessly monitor traders' actions across your websites and the trading platform. E-commerce reports provide valuable insights into financial flows within the trading platform, enabling you to assess the effectiveness of advertising channels, understand customer behavior, and link it to conversion actions on your servers.

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Effectively introducing the client to your offering is as important as the initial engagement. While it may seem that the customer is already inside the sales funnel and is about to open an account, consider the fact that about 70% of users abandon a site if they find the product information confusing. According to the recent Forbes research, the average bounce rate in 2023 is around 50%, which means that half of the global audience doesn't interact with websites beyond the first page. Furthermore, 88% of users will never return to a site after a negative experience. That is why it is important to pay extra attention to helping clients get started. MetaTrader 5 offers fast, reliable and secure solutions to help you build an efficient onboarding system.