Lead C++ Programmer

Limassol, Cyprus

Projects: Trading Platforms and Advertising Analytics Systems

If you want to participate in the development of world-class products, you have a lot of innovative ideas and know how to gather like-minded people together, then this job is definitely for you. We provide access to extensive technical and human resources to help you bring your bold ideas to life.

You will be managing a sub-project in the trading platforms or advertising management systems projects. You will be making management decisions and implementing them with your team. This job gives you the opportunity to leave a mark in the IT industry.


  • C++ programming experience (we develop on Windows, but Linux experience is also welcomed)
  • Experience in managing development teams
  • Portfolio of implemented development project managed by you
  • Profound knowledge of operating systems, algorithms, and data structures
  • Multi-threaded processing and inter-process communication
  • Hands-on experience and knowledge of debugging tools and code optimization principles

We are currently seeking to recruit C++ programmers for the needs of two different development projects, as presented below. There is a choice availability between the two projects as per your preferences.

The Trading Platforms project includes the following development fields:

  • Company's own MQL5 programming language (included into TIOBE rating) and compiler, as well as development tools (a debugger, a profiler and an optimizer)
  • High-load distributed client-server systems
  • Distributed computing environment
  • Integration with financial exchange platforms and systems
  • Systems with an increased hack resistance
  • Secure communication protocols

    Technologies applied: C++, IPC, multiprocessing, TCP, asynchronous sockets, OpenCL, fault tolerance, real-time failover, scalable geo-distributed systems

The Advertising Analytics Systems project includes the following development fields:

  • Big Data storage and processing systems
  • Fault-tolerant geo-distributed low-latency systems
  • Behavioral analysis systems: clustering, pattern recognition and modeling
  • High-performance in-memory databases and mechanisms for their synchronization in a geo-distributed system.

    Technologies applied: C++, lock-free, low latency, multiprocessing, IPC

What we offer?

Attractive conditions, independent of project choice.

  • Expenses coverage (including travel tickets and temporary accommodation) if you get past the screening stage and you are invited for an interview
  • Support for your relocation and a one-off compensation of EUR 5,000
  • Rental expenses coverage for the first month after relocation to Cyprus
  • Assistance in the preparation of the relevant and required documentation
  • Monthly wages above the average
  • Medical insurance is provided for all your family members
  • Our offices are located on the sea-front with other amenities like leisure and sports being available
  • Living and working in the beautiful island of Cyprus with more than 300 sunny days per year
  • Lunch is provided free of charge on working days
  • Unique experience in working along with a highly professional team

Send us your CV!

P.S. If you don't quite meet the requirements, but want to join our team, do send us your CV. We will try to find a job opportunity for you.

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Limassol, Cyprus
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