Senior Front-End Developer

Limassol, Cyprus

We are seeking to recruit a high-level front-end developer with strong JS, CSS and HTML knowledge, to join our Web Development department. The candidate must have understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of new solutions and technologies.

The job requires effective communication with both company management and marketing dept, and with fellow programmers. The front-end developer must be able to translate the company management's ideas into technical tasks for programmers.

The qualified candidate will be interacting with developer teams, managing and developing web services.

We are looking for an individual who is able to come up with new ideas and work on new projects.

If this is you, send us your CV!


  • Experience in native JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Experience with WebPack build tools
  • Experience with Canvas and WebGL graphics
  • A portfolio of projects implemented under your supervision (or in which you participated)
  • Knowledge of user interface creation principles, design basics and usability

Additional desired skills in related fields:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft IIS, SQL DBMS and http/https
  • Understanding the basics of or experience in SEO
  • Knowledge and understanding of web server security methods

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and support the client side of applications as part of the Web Development department
  • Provide network security for web services
  • Implement code optimization and refactoring to ensure lower latency
  • Work with a high volume of data (for example, display of 100,000 rows in a browser)
  • Develop graphical components for displaying charts

Technologies utilized:  JavaScript (ES5, ES6), HTML5, CSS3, Node, Sass, SVN, MVC, WebGL, WebSocket, Crypto API, TypedArray

What we offer:

  • Expenses coverage (including travel tickets and temporary accommodation) if you get past the screening stage and you are invited for an interview
  • Support for your relocation and a one-off compensation of EUR 5,000
  • Rental expenses coverage for the first month after relocation to Cyprus
  • Assistance in the preparation of the relevant and required documentation
  • Monthly wages above the average
  • Medical insurance is provided for all your family members
  • Meals are provided free of charge on working days
  • Unique experience in working along with a highly professional team

How we hire:

  • Reviewing CVs
  • Test assignment (with no strict deadline)
  • A technical video interview via Skype based on the test results
  • Optionally final interview (in person or Skype)
  • An offer; assistance in preparation for relocation

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Limassol, Cyprus
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