Algorithmic Trading with MetaTrader 4

Automated technical analysis and trading operations

One of the key advantages of MetaTrader 4 is the automated trading feature, which enables trading with the help of automated trading robots (Expert Advisors). Trading robots are able to analyze currency quotes and execute trading operations. In other words, MetaTrader 4 can relieve you from routine trading and market analysis.

How to acquire a trading robot?

You can download free-of-charge trading robots (and technical indicators) from the Code Base, purchase or rent applications from the Market, and you can even order Expert Advisors from professional Freelance developers:

However, if you prefer to do everything yourself, you can create your own dream robot. The MetaTrader 4 system provides for the entire MQL4 IDE development environment to help you create, test and optimize trading robots. By using this trading environment, you can create robots of any complexity for your own use or for sale through the Market service. MQL4 IDE includes:

  • The MetaTrader 4 platform — trading robot execution module
  • The MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) — a popular language for the development of trading strategies
  • The MetaEditor — Expert Advisor editor and compiler tool
  • The Strategy Tester — Expert Advisor testing and optimization unit


The website provides a convenient infrastructure, where MQL4/5 developers can interact with Forex traders. The website stores useful information for developers of trading systems: full documentation, a large database of research articles and a forum where you can communicate with other developers. In addition, the website provides access to various services through which you can monetize your programmer skills.

MetaTrader 4 supports an entire infrastructure to enable users to create and use trading robots. Use the wide opportunities for the most exciting trading experience!