New updates in MetaTrader4 build 153.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

4 February 2005

MetaTrader4 build 153.

What’s new:
1. Updated Dictionary in MetaEditor IDE.
2. Added Dictionary serch tab in MetaEditor IDE.
3. Added file commands processing in Navigator window of MetaEditor IDE.
4. By files search in MetaEditor IDE the search string automatically filled by selected text.
5. Updated «Trend by angle» object (please setup exisiting objects once more).
6. Added Left Price Label (code 5) and Right Price Label (code 6) symbols.
7. Using MarketInfo() in MetaEditor IDE can be returned minimum Stop Loss level (use MODE_STOPLEVEL parameter).
8. Added ChartShift label (on upper side of chart) that can be easy moved to new shift value by mouse.
9. Updated working with objects.
10. Updated PopupPrices properties.
11. Updated «by reference» function calling.
12. Updated lots modification.
13. In SetIndexStyle() can be used EMPTY for parameters passing.
14. Updated functions returning time value.
15. In MQL4 LocalTime() returns local time, instead GMT.
16. Updated text inscriptions in Terminal.
17. In order with traling stop the «SL» field is filled by yellow color after first execution of traling stop.
18. Decreased demo-account registration requirements.
19. Updated software by users crash-logs.