New client terminal version MetaTrader4 build 149.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

14 January 2005

MetaTrader4 build 149.

What’s new:
1. Added for objects «Undo» function by Ctrl+Z, Alt+BackSpace hotkeys.
2. Updated saving levels values for window indicators and Fibo line studies. It is necessary to setup your existing levels.
3. Added showing angle value in tooltip of «Trend by angle» object.
4. Added «LocalTime» and «OrderCloseBy» functions in MQL4.
5. Updated CurTime (returns the server time) function in MQL4.
6. Updated working with arrays in MQL4.
7. Updated showing prices properties in alerts.
8. Added «Deviations» parameter for «Standard Deviation Channel» object.
9. Updated parameter-by-reference passing through several functions in MQL4.
10.Updated processing of indicator arrays in custom indicators.
11.Many corrections in help files of MetaEditor.
12.In MetaEditor the possibility of Breakpoints (F9) inserting is implemented.
13.Updated the charts tab-sequence. 14.Complicated the DLL-example in ExpertSample.
15.Added the Custom Trailing Stop.
16.Orders comments are limited to 27 characters, 4 last characters are reserved for server comments: «[sl]», «[tp]», «[so]».
17.Updated the Russian help-file selection.
18.Link to in «About» window is shown depending on the country language of Windows OS.
19.More detailed output information in trading windows.
20.Added possibility of copying in standard control («Ctrl+X» hotkeys).
21.Updated efficient recalculation of indicators.
22.Added showing of «Description» property of «Rectangle» object.
23.In MultiLanguage Pack the error with definition of the resource identifier is corrected.
24. LiveUpdate process is accelerated.