New build of Client Terminal: MetaTrader4 build 147

What's new in MetaTrader 4

6 January 2005

MetaTrader4 build 147.

What’s new:
1. Updated indicators refreshing.
2. Updated «Max bars in a chart» property.
3. Updated columns properties in lists of transactions and a history of transactions.
4. Added yellow/red colors filling on the list of transactions: S/L, T/P, Open price levels.
5. Added Drag’n’Drop symbols of transactions from the list of positions to charts, also if Ctrl button is pressed then there is an opening new window.
6. Added Drag’n’Drop transactions from a history of transactions: using this property you can add on chart the symbols of open and close price of the transaction.
7. Added Drag’n’Drop property for symbols: if Ctrl button is pressed then there is an opening new window.
8. Updated HTML-format transactions reporting.
9. Added input of prices with comma divider.
10. All trading operations are shown in one window.
11. Expanded S/L and T/P modification window by predefined levels.
12. Added calling necessary trading window depending on mouse position clicking.
13. Updated visual trading property.
14. Double-click on disabled-for-trading symbol does not open a trading window.
15. Updated trend binding points.
16. Updated object filling property.
17. By terminal restarting the charts scale fixing is restored.
18. By terminal restarting the attached experts are restored.
19. Trendline by corner is not magnetized any more.
20. Updated drawing in a mode of pieces in кастом indicators is corrected.
21. Updated columns autoarrange property.
22. Updated Accumulation/Distribution indicator.
23. Updated periodisity toolbar.
24. Added example with DLL and MQL4 (VC++ project of DLL placed in experts/sample/ExpertSample).
25. Added price displaying at the second point using Crosshair.