New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 162.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

4 April 2005

MetaTrader4. Build 162.
What’s new:
1. Added UninitializeReason() and IsConnected() functions in MQL4;
2. Added iTime(), iOpen(), iClose(), iHigh(), iLow(), iVolume() new functions in MQL4;
3. Updated the expert initialization after recompilation;
4. When opening a file for writing in a non-existing subdirectory, the latter is created automatically;
5. As a result of Open, Close, Modify trading operations, the parameters selected with OrderSelect() order do not change;
6. When modifying an order, an arrow with changed parameters is drawn;
7. Reduced the metatrader label by printing;
8. Added sound event for Trailing Stop;
9. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
10. Updating based on crash-logs.