New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 159.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

18 March 2005

MetaTrader4. Build 159.

What’s new:
1. Added predefined levels for custom indicators.
2. Added «#property show_confirm» script property, which calls a confirmation window.
3. Added «#property show_inputs» scpirt property, which calls property sheet.
4. In MQL4 added FileOpenHistory() function, which opens *.HST file in history quotations directory.
5. Added «period_converter.mq4» script sample, forming *.HST file with non-standard timeframe. The generated HST-file can be opened offline (File — Open Offline).
6. In MQL4 added WindowHandle() function, which allows to determine chart window with exact symbol and timeframe.
7. Added order details in window header of modifying and closing position order window.
8. Updated opening the offline charts with a non-standard symbol.
9. Added additional veryfication for trading in function IsTradeAllowed.
10. Updated FileWriteString() function.
11. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
12. Updating based on crash-logs.