New version of MetaTrader 4 Build 195

What's new in MetaTrader 4

3 July 2006

MetaTrader 4 build 195 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Added genetic algorithm.
2. Tester: Added more parameters to be optimized.
3. Tester: Added relative drawdown, in percents, into the report.
4. Tester: Improved the optimizer cache operation.
5. Tester: Ticks are generated more precisely.
6. Tester: Fixed error at test restart when custom indicators with objects are used.
7. Tester: Fixed error of free margin calculation.
8. Tester: Fixed error of the test graph reinitialization.
9. Tester: Fixed wrong requote at testing experts that trade with the slippage equal to 0.
10. MQL4: Added the MODE_MAXLOT parameter into the MarketInfo().
11. MQL4: Added functions named IsOptimization(), IsTradeContextBusy(), IsExpertEnabled().
12. MQL4: Fixed error of determining the line end in some source files.
13. Fixed error of displaying the background of huge ellipses and rectangles.
14. Added immediate refreshing of the account data after opening of a position.
15. Added features to use Ctrl-V and Ctrl-C in the fast navigation line.
16. Added configuration file named datacenter.ini
17. Added feature to use the configuration file at the terminal startup.
18. Client Terminal Help Files: Added sections named «Configuration at Startup» and «Datacenter.ini».
19. Modified checking of stop levels before sending the request to the server.
20. Fixed checking of pending orders.
21. Fixed linear regression calculation.
22. Added autosave of global variables after they have been modified.
23. Added autosave of the experts log after the execution of the start() function has been completed.
24. Added saving the client terminal journal to the disk after trade operations.
25. Added Italian and Dutch localizations of the interface.
26. Fixed working with offline charts that have a standard period.
27. Added forced closing of MessageBox called from an expert or a script at deinitialization.
28. Added interruption of history pumping when account is changed.
29. Added selection of all objects in the list (the «Objects List» dialog box) using Ctrl-A.
30. Fixed chart windows arrangement when they are rearranged.