New version of MetaTrader 4 Build 196

What's new in MetaTrader 4

8 September 2006

MetaTrader 4 build 196 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Added visualization of testing.
2. Tester: At testing the expert template .tpl is applied. If such template is not found, tester.tpl is used.
3. Tester: Improved drawing of balance at testing.
4. Tester: Added the reopening positions mode.
5. Tester: Now works with all history data not limited through «Max bars in charts».
6. Tester: Corrected swaps calculations.
7. Tester: Pending orders are now executed without slippage.
8. Tester: Modified visualization control — Added slider bar to regulate the rate.
9. Tester: At visualization, pressing of F12 will immediately call a new quote, even in the standby mode.
10. Tester: Displaying of trade levels (if enabled) during visualization.
11. Tester: Deletion of objects from test chart at testing restart, if there is no test template.
12. Tester: Fixed WindowsTotal function, it returns a correct test result now.
13. Tester: Fixed checking of pending order expiry time.
14. Tester: Added memory deallocation at closing of the tester window.
15. Tester: Changed expert initialization procedure at testing. Now the expert is initialized either from the 100th bar or from the expert starting date, if testing date range is defined.
16. Fixed vertical positioning at moving of the chart with specified scaling.
17. Fixed cursor positioning for small-scale charts.
18. After the «Preview» command has been called, the arrangement of windows does not change if the chart switching toolbar is enabled.
19. Added new method of margin calls calculation: Contract-leverage.
20. Added arrangement of windows at the first start of the terminal after installation.
21. Added early termination of viewing objects properties in the «Objects list» dialog box.
22. Fixed error of expert deinitialization after recompilation.
23. Fixed history pumping at bars modifying/deletion/addition in the History Center.
24. Fixed balance graph displaying in the detailed report when showing history limited by the upper date.
25. Fixed cursor positioning for large-scale charts.
26. At failure of array initialization the message is logged in journal.
27. MQL4: Fixed error at passing some string parameters to the function.
28. MQL4: Fixed function MarketInfo() for symbols with zero spread parameter.
29. MQL4: Updated checking of parameter of function at compilation.
30. MQL4: The limit of the initial array initialization is increased to 100 MIO of elements.
31. MetaEditor: Added descriptions of trade execution errors 142, 143 and 144.
32. MetaEditor: Extension is not cut from the filename at saving of the file.
33. MetaEditor: Updated descriptions in the Dictionary.
34. Added context search in the Client Terminal Help files.
35. Added the code of Error 148 — «Too many open orders».
36. Added missing descriptions of errors instead of [unknown error].
37. When inserting arrow objects and pressing Shift or Ctrl, the arrow inserting mode is not reset.
38. Improved working with memory. Experts do not reallocate small memory segments now.
39. Improved memory control during data pumping.