New MetaTrader 4 Build 203

What's new in MetaTrader 4

28 March 2007

New MetaTrader 4 build 203 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Corrected drawing of object FiboFan based on closely-located anchoring points.
2. Tester: Added checking for pass counter overflow in optimizer.
3. Tester: More economical use of memory when generating a testing sequence.
4. Tester: More economical use of memory when accessing data of other symbols and/or timeframes.
5. Tester: Fixed error of repeated access to improper data, the charts of which have not been previously opened. The error resulted in considerable testing delay.
6. Tester: Fixed error of margin call calculation in function init().
7. Tester: Fixed charging of swaps at partial closing of positions using function OrderCloseBy.
8. Tester: Fixed error of spread determining in some cases of «floating» spread.
9. MQL4: Fixed error of correct definition of the end-of-file state when reading csv files.
10. MQL4: Fixed error of memory leak when comparing strings.
11. MQL4: Fixed error of processing the default parameter chart_scale in function WindowScreenShot().
12. MQL4: Fixed error of memory leak in functions having parameters of ’string’ type that are initialized by default (Expert Advisors’ recompiling is required).
13. MQL4: Fixed error of time determining by function TimeLocal for time zones without Daylight Saving Time.
14. HistoryCenter: Fixed error of deleting initial data from History Center.
15. MetaEditor: Revised Dictionary.
16. Fixed errors detected using crash logs.
17. Added Czech language.
18. Added help file of the client terminal in Chinese (Simplified).