New MetaTrader 4 Build 200

What's new in MetaTrader 4

14 November 2006

New MetaTrader 4 build 200 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Removed Multilanguage Pack, the distributive size decreased to 3 MByte;
2. Added feature to manage bookmarks of charts bar;
3. Tester: Reduced limitations on the amount of passes in genetic optimization (minimum 200 passes);
4. Tester: Imrpoved fractal modeling of a bar. Now more smoothed patterns are used to model price movements;
5. Tester: Fixed free margin calculation, which was incorrect in some cases;
6. Tester: Fixed stopuot status calculation, in case of the absolute level, not a percent one;
7. Tester: Added the margin_stopout_mode parameter in the FXT file heading structure, the heading size not being changed. The version number became 403;
8. Tester: Corrected drawing of the Ask line at visual testing in the pause status;
9. Tester: Fixed execution of deinit function of expert advisor at stop of testing;
10. MQL4: Improved working with temporary variables of the ’string’ type;
11. MQL4: Added functions: AccountFreeMarginMode, AccountStopoutMode, AccountStopoutLevel, AccountFreeMarginCheck;
12. MQL4: Added functions: IsVisualMode, TerminalPath, WindowExpertName, WindowPriceMin, WindowPriceMax, GlobalVariablesTotal, GlobalVariableName;
13. MQL4: Changed operation logic of the GlobalVariablesDeleteAll function — it is now possible to specify the prefix for mass deletion of global variables;
15. MQL4: Due to functions restructuring, renamed the following functions: PriceOnDropped, TimeOnDropped, FirstVisibleBar, BarsPerWindow, ScreenShot, HistoryTotal, CompanyName, ClientTerminalName, ServerAddress, Lowest, Highest, CurTime, LocalTime;
16. MetaEditor: Due to functions renaming, added the «Outdated Functions» section into the Dictionary;
17. Added the ray property to the object named Fibo Expansion;
18. Fixed and improved scanning of servers when connection is broken;
19. Added downloading and import of data in the History Center;
20. Fixed saving of the objects’ default flag named background;
21. Fixed saving of charts multiline comments in configuration files;
22. Added a sound file notifying about that testing is over;
23. Improved displaying of empty databases in History Center— after the first call, data are pumped and displayed;
24. Strongly accelerated working with databases on huge arrays of historical data;
25. Strongly accelerated operation of deleting large amounts of historical data from History Center, fixed error of re-offsetting the history just deleted;
26. Fixed small errors in trade logs output.