MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 765: Enhanced Virtual Hosting

What's new in MetaTrader 4

12 December 2014

Virtual Hosting

  1. Hosting details now feature more information: the build of the hosted terminal, the name of the processor of the hosting server, the number of threads of the hosted terminal.

  2. The log viewer now features a convenient function for switching between the terminal logs and the Experts journal. The logics of the log viewer of the terminal running on a hosting server has changed. Now upon pressing the "Request" button, the terminal immediately receives new logs from the virtual server and displays them.

  3. Expert Advisors and indicators are synchronized even if the EAs and custom indicators are not running in the current configuration of the client terminal. In previous versions the synchronization was not performed in such cases.
  4. Signal synchronization algorithm has changed. Now during re-synchronization with the server, to which a signal has already been migrated, there is no need to enable the signal in the client terminal settings - it will be synchronized as active.
  5. A limit on the size of files transferred during synchronization has been introduced. The size of one Expert Advisor, indicator, library or data file cannot exceed 64 megabytes.
  6. Expanded logging of synchronization of the local terminal with the virtual one.

Trading Terminal

  1. Added display of the number of newsletters received in the last 24 hours.

  2. In the list of open orders and positions, fixed displaying of the "Profit" column in case Auto Arrange mode is off.
  3. Fixed calculation of the tooltip window size for graphical objects on the chart.
  4. Added translation of the interface into Uzbek and Tajik.
  5. Updated translation of the interface into Greek and Italian.

MQL4 Language

  1. Added generation of the CHARTEVENT_MOUSE_MOVE event (in the OnChartEvent entry point) at the right mouse button click on the chart.
  2. Added generation of OnChartEvent when enabling\disabling the Chart Shift and Auto Scroll properties of the chart.
  3. Added support for changes in chart properties CHART_SHOW_DATE_SCALE and CHART_SHOW_PRICE_SCALE using the ChartSetInteger function. Properties are responsible for showing the time and price scale. In previous versions their change has not been supported.
  4. Added an option for overloading template functions using array parameters.
  5. Added an option for overloading a method based on its constancy.
  6. The behavior of the ChartOpen function has changed. Now when specifying a timeframe different from the standard one, an attempt is made to open the appropriate offline chart.
  7. A new behavior in situations, when a value other than INIT_SUCCEEDED is returned from the OnInit entry point, in case of using #property strict in the EA. Now in case of an unsuccessful EA download, it is removed from the chart. Previously, under the conditions described, such an EA remained on the chart. If #property strict is not used, the previous behavior is valid - an Expert Advisor stays on the chart after the initialization error.
  8. Fixed error of first initialization of the predefined Bid and Ask variables.
  9. Fixed use of the indicator_height property during indicator loading. In previous versions this property was not used during generation of the indicator window.
  10. Fixed errors in the StringTo*Array conversion functions.
  11. Fixed setting of values for input variables with long names.
  12. Fixed the return value of the ObjectGetValueByTime function for the second channel line for the channel objects.
  13. Fixed the maximum\minimum values of the price scale of the chart, which are received using the ChartGetDouble and WindowPriceMin\WindowPriceMax functions in the OnChartEvent entry point after an event related to the chart window maximization\minimization.
  14. Fixed the operation of the ZeroMemory function for static arrays.
  15. Fixed the functioning of the Switch operator, when the case condition contains a negative value.

MetaTrader Market

  1. Fixed errors in formation of the list of favorite products.
  2. Optimized and accelerated loading of logos and screenshots.

Strategy Tester

  1. Fixed errors in additional loading of the price history before testing.


  1. Fixed MetaAssist behavior when passing a pointer by reference.
  2. Fixed minimization of the "Terminal" window.
  3. Fixed MetaEditor crash when debugging and profiling looped programs.

Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.

The update is available through the LiveUpdate system.