MetaTrader 4 build 920: Faster operation and managing a visual test from the configuration file

What's new in MetaTrader 4

26 November 2015


  1. Fixed initial and periodical scanning of trade servers in the trading account opening dialog. Now, availability and pings are defined in a timely manner with no need for manual scanning.

  2. Optimized and accelerated the client terminal operation.
  3. The terminal interface has been further adapted for high resolution screens (4K).


  1. Fixed downloading custom indicators from MQL4 applications' resources. Indicators are included into resources via the #resource directive. This allows creating "all-in-one" applications that are much easier to distribute.
  2. Fixed the accuracy of the level value display in custom indicators. Previously, the accuracy always comprised 4 decimal places, while now it depends on the accuracy of an appropriate custom indicator values.
  3. Fixed checking the possibility of reducing an object of one type to another type as a result of inheritance when passing the object as a method\function parameter.
  4. Fixed recalculation of standard indicators on a specified buffer (iIndicatorOnArray) in case the data is set by an array having a fixed size. Previously, the indicator was not recalculated occasionally.
  5. Fixed errors in class templates.


  1. Added ability to manage visualization mode when launching the tester from the configuration ini file. The new TestVisualEnable parameter (true/false) has been implemented for that. If the parameter is not specified, the current setting is used.
  2. Fixed an error in the CopyXXX functions that caused the real history data, instead of the test history one, to be returned.
  3. Fixed reading test parameters from the configuration ini file passed in the command line.
  4. Fixed excessive memory deallocation after closing a visual testing chart, which occasionally made history data unavailable for actually operating Expert Advisors.
Fixed errors reported in crash logs.