MetaTrader 5 Build 3950: Deposits/withdrawals in the terminal and updated trading report

What's new in MetaTrader 5

14 September 2023


  1. Added support for balance operations for depositing/withdrawing funds from a trading account directly in the client terminal.

    We have added integration of the most popular payment systems directly into the MetaTrader 5 platform, which allows brokers to provide traders with a new level of service. When depositing or topping up, simply select the method that suits you best and complete the transaction. For more convenience, traders can save selected cards so as not to enter card details each time. Brokers do not store payment details and card numbers. The payment data entered by a user is sent over a secure channel to the user-selected payment system.

    The new functionality provides traders with the opportunity to manage funds in one click without leaving the client terminal.

  2. Completely revamped the trading history report. Now it is more easy to view. We have revised the approach to presenting information and converted dry statistical reports into interactive graphs and diagrams. The work is still in progress, but you can evaluate the changes already.

    To view trading statistics, click Reports in the View menu.

    The report is divided into four tabs, each containing aggregated information:

  3. Added the usage of AVX2 instructions in case they are supported by CPU. This allows for more efficient use of CPU capabilities the terminal is launched on. Now, when installing or updating, the terminal determines the CPU architecture on its own and installs the most optimal version. During the launch, the terminal sends a message (AVX/AVX2) to the log displaying the set of instructions the terminal is built for.
    Terminal	MetaTrader 5 x64 build 3914 started for MetaQuotes Software Corp.
    Terminal	Windows 10 build 19045, 20 x Intel Xeon  E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz, AVX, 41 / 63 Gb memory, 58 / 280 Gb disk, UAC, GMT+2

    Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) is an extension of the x86 instruction set for Intel and AMD microprocessors proposed back in 2008. Further development has led to the appearance of AVX2 and AVX-512 (2013).

  4. In addition to the two versions of MetaTrader 5 terminals on X64 and AVX, we have released the third version of the desktop terminal compiled with direct support for AVX2 commands. At the same time, ONNX models now also work with support for AVX2 commands.
  5. Added display of links to the broker's necessary regulatory documents. You can now obtain all the necessary legal information from your broker directly in the client terminal in Help / Terms & Conditions.

  6. Fixed 2FA authorization in case of the additional use of the extended authorization using certificates.
  7. Fixed display of internal mail messages when working on MacOS.
  8. Fixed display of the Signals window when working in Wine.
  9. Released new MetaTrader 4 and 5 installers for Linux.
  10. Added commands for visiting Linux and Mac terminal version download pages in Help. For traders' convenience, we have created a special section of the website with terminal versions for all platforms, as well as for trading in a browser.

  11. Fixed embedding images into internal mail.
  12. Released new MetaTrader 5 terminal installers for Mac with support for M1/M2 processors. Due to the transition to Wine 8.0.1, we strongly recommend that you remove old versions and install new ones. When using Wine versions older than 8.0.0, a message about the need for an update is displayed in the terminal log.
  13. Added "VPS Hosting Speed Up" in the network scan menu indicating the ping to your trading server. This allows you to clearly see how your network delays decrease when renting a built-in VPS.

  14. Strengthened the requirements for minimum password complexity, namely:

    • password length — at least 8 characters
    • the password must contain at least 1 character in upper and lower case, at least 1 digit and at least 1 special character.

  15. Usable links in terminal logs. Now when double-clicking on lines with https links, users are sent to their browsers and the link is opened.
  16. Fixed search for trading instruments in Market Watch. Now the symbol is first searched by name, and then by other fields: description, ISIN, etc.
  17. Fixed accounting for profit on trades when calculating the balance in account trading history reports. In some cases, the instrument type was not taken into account in the calculations.

VPS Hosting

  1. Added the ability to send and run EX5 programs compiled under the x64/AVX/AVX2 command set. Programs for AVX512 are not supported on the built-in VPS.
  2. Increased the number of locations for renting the built-in VPS up to 27. Now the selection of the closest server has become even wider.


  1. Added control of compilation settings, including selection of extended processor instruction sets — AVX, AVX2, AVX512 and FMA3.

    Modern CPUs have a set of advanced instructions that significantly speed up mathematical calculations, but the vast majority of modern programs do not use these capabilities. We have added support for these instructions to the MQL5 language compiler, which allows for more efficient and faster code generation.

    We have also added the ability to choose which type of instructions to compile an MQL5 program with. You can specify both general settings for single programs in MetaEditor Options, and apply personal ones in project settings:

  2. Added the ENUM_AVERAGE_MODE and ENUM_CLASSIFICATION_METRIC enumerations to the Matrix and Vector Methods.
  3. Added Set method for vectors.
  4. Revised OpenCL initialization - now it is initialized by the first actual use, not by loading an MQL5 program containing OpenCL functions.
  5. Fixed an error when calling the SocketIsConnected function.
  6. Fixed delay in calling the OnDeinit method when unloading custom indicators.
  7. Fixed a compiler error, which caused incorrect calculation of the string length in the indicator_label property leading to incorrect display of tooltips for graphical objects.
  8. Fixed the use of multi-line comments in the macro body. An example of a macro where the error occurred:
    #define MACRO1 /*
    #define MACRO2 */
    void OnStart()
    #ifdef MACRO2
        Print( 2 );
        Print( 1 );
  9. Fixed the order of parameters of the MathAtan2 function. The order now matches the similar function in C++.
  10. Added the new TERMINAL_CPU_ARCHITECTURE value to the ENUM_TERMINAL_INFO_STRING enumeration. Also, added the  __CPU_ARCHITECTURE__ macro — obtaining the CPU architecture of the computer the terminal is running on. Example of use:
    void OnStart()
       Print("CPU name:         ",TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_CPU_NAME));
       Print("CPU cores:        ",TerminalInfoInteger(TERMINAL_CPU_CORES));
       Print("CPU architecture: ",TerminalInfoString(TERMINAL_CPU_ARCHITECTURE));  
       Print("EX5 architecture: ",__CPU_ARCHITECTURE__);                            
    CPU name:         12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K
    CPU cores:        24
    CPU architecture: AVX2 + FMA3
    EX5 architecture: AVX

  11. Changed the extern modifier behavior. Now declaration of a variable with the extern modifier is a variable pre-declaration.

    New restrictions:
    1. The variable pre-declaration should not contain initialization. For example, when compiling the code below, we get the error "X - extern variable initialization is not allowed":
      extern int X=0;
      void OnStart()

    2. The 'extern' variable should be declared in the program without the 'extern' keyword. For example, when compiling the code below, we get the error "unresolved extern variable X":
      extern int X;
      void OnStart()

    3. When using 'extern', it is important to pay attention to the initialization order, because a variable can be accessed before it is initialized. For example, the following code will yield "Y=0 X=5" in the log since initialization of variable Y occurs before initialization of variable X:
      extern int X;
      int        Y=X;
      void OnStart(void)
         Print("Y=",Y," X=",X);
      int X=_Digits;


  1. Added the usage of AVX2 instructions in case they are supported by CPU.
  2. Fixed an error occasionally causing freezes during compilation.
  3. Improved display of local variables when debugging.


  1. Added the usage of AVX2 instructions in case they are supported by CPU.

Updated user interface translations.

Fixed errors reported in crash logs.

MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal build 3950

  1. Added display of the Ask price to the chart settings.

  2. Accelerated initial terminal loading.
  3. Added the ability to change the password.
  4. Added the ability to delete and save the password.
  5. Added a custom period for displaying trading history.
  6. Fixed forced password change.
  7. Fixed calculation of diff — the distance between the open price and TP/SL levels.

  8. Fixed ticks stop error when closing all orders/deals.
  9. Fixed display of Economic calendar events. Sometimes, they were not displayed on the chart despite the option being enabled.
  10. Fixed indicator reset when changing a chart symbol.
  11. Fixed an error in the form of opening a real account when confirming the phone/email.
  12. Added new translations and corrected existing ones.