easyMarkets launches MetaTrader 5 with variable spreads


1 June 2022

easyMarkets has announced a new offering available to its clients via MetaTrader 5 — the ability to trade with variable spreads starting at 0.6 points. Also, the company continues offering fixed spreads, providing even more trading options to their traders.

Mr. Ohad Golan, Chief Marketing Officer of easyMarkets

Mr. Ohad Golan, Chief Marketing Officer of easyMarkets

Mr. Ohad Golan, Chief Marketing Officer of easyMarkets, commented on the launch: "The new product launch will further expand our clients' trading opportunities: they can choose between floating and fixed spreads or both. Furthermore, all these options are available in the same ecosystem. Our mission is and always has been, to offer an industry-leading experience to traders. That is why we keep developing and launching updates to our services and products, as well as expanding our offerings."

Mr. Golan noted that MetaTrader 5 is a powerful platform for both trading and analysis, with a colossal reputation and popularity among traders. He believes that with the MetaTrader 5 expanded indicators, overlays and graphical additions, the new product will offer an unprecedented experience to the company's clients.

"We want easyMarkets' clients to have all the strategic advantages available on the market," Mr. Ohad Golan explained. "It does not matter if our clients' strategies and trading methods perform better with variable or fixed spreads, as they now have the choice."

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