CFI Financial Group: "Investing in your team is investing in the future"


31 August 2022

More and more brokers opt for MetaQuotes certification for their employees to maintain their team's knowledge level, test applicants for promotion, and build trust with their business partners. Mr. Ali Chehade, Global Head of IT and ITS at CFI Financial Group, has shared his experience in obtaining the certification and has explained why he recommends other brokerage companies to join the certification program.

CFI's Top Management believes that education plays an important role in raising employees' productivity and in promoting business growth. The company states that its mission is to provide the widest possible range of high-quality products and trading services. In line with this mission, Mr. Ali Chehade and Mr. Marwan Dalati, Global IT Manager, decided to take advantage of the opportunity to pass the MetaQuotes certification as soon as they learned about it via the website.

Mr. Marwan Dalati, Group IT Manager, and Mr. Ali Chehade, Global Head of IT and ITS at CFI Financial Group

Mr. Ali Chehade, Global Head of IT and ITS, and Mr. Marwan Dalati, Group IT Manager at CFI Financial Group

Mr. Chehade and Mr. Dalati are responsible for the platform performance at CFI, including the administration of the trading system infrastructure. Certification was quite a challenge, which allowed them to build confidence in their abilities and expand their understanding. However, the main objective of passing the certification was to improve their platform knowledge and skills, as this eventually improves customer experience.

Mr. Ali Chehade commented on the certification: "CFI is constantly investing in the team's skills and knowledge. This is an investment in our company's future. We have always been accentuating platform running skills, which has turned out to be the right strategy. The next step is to encourage the rest of the team to pass the tests and to receive MetaQuotes certificates."

While preparing for the tests, Mr. Chehade and Mr. Dalati studied the relevant materials available on MetaQuotes' support center website. Thanks to their extensive platform operating experience, it was considerably easy to learn the material and pass the online tests. According to Mr. Chehade, the certificates have become an added value to the entire team. Furthermore, management at CFI believes that investing in employees' development and their professional growth has a positive effect on the company as a whole.

"We advise all brokers' employees who handle trading operations to get certified," Mr. Ali Chehade added while concluding that "This will improve your platform knowledge and will eventually enhance the trading experience for your customers."

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