Trademark and Graphics/Screenshots Usage Guidelines

These trademark and graphics/screenshot usage and guidelines are intended for MetaQuotes Ltd (MetaQuotes) licensees and clients.

MetaQuotes maintains a large portfolio of trademarks which have various forms and may include letters, words, designs, images, slogans and colors.

MetaQuotes trademarks, service marks, trade names are important corporate assets and MetaQuotes requires that they be used properly.  In order to preserve its reputation and protect its trademarks and Intellectual Property, MetaQuotes diligently guards against any violation.

Please refer to the below list of MetaQuotes Trademarks.  Please note however that this list is not all inclusive and the absence of any trademark on the list does not mean that it is not a MetaQuotes trademark.

  • MQL4® — WIPO 986555, WIPO 1312532, Taiwan 01757256, Hong Kong 303406725, Rospatent 340878;
  • MQL5® — WIPO 1023842, WIPO 1315857, USPTO 3879299, Taiwan 01758372, Hong Kong 303406734, Rospatent 432642;
  • MetaTrader® — WIPO 957372, WIPO 1320153, USPTO 3182784, Taiwan 01757255, Hong Kong 303406707, UAE 249408, UAE 249409, Rospatent 281939;
  • MetaTrader 5® — WIPO 1045019, WIPO 1308336, USPTO 3896669, Taiwan 1776311, Hong Kong 303406716, Rospatent 430979;
  • MetaQuotes® — WIPO 1211460, USPTO 79150145, Taiwan 01758373, Hong Kong 303406743, Rospatent 308939;
  • MetaQuotes Software® — WIPO 1210218, USPTO 79149674, Taiwan 01778962, Hong Kong 303406743, Rospatent 540510;
  • MT4® — WIPO 1316074, Taiwan 01758370, Hong Kong 303406680, Rospatent 581779;
  • MT5® — WIPO 1315264, Taiwan 01758370, Hong Kong 303406680, RosPatent 581780;
  • TeamWox® — WIPO 946114, USPTO 79047228, RosPatent 356936;
  • Finteza® — WIPO 1393485, WIPO 1391612, USPTO 5537970, USPTO 5527173, Rospatent 660070, Rospatent 660071.

The following trademark usage guidelines apply to everyone using MetaQuotes Marks and graphics/screenshots.  The Guidelines shall be updated periodically by MetaQuotes.

  • Always use the trademarks in their proper format.  A mark that has been registered in a specific format should bear the super-scripted registration symbol ® only when used in that format.
  • Always provide an attribution statement when using MetaQuotes trademarks, graphics/screenshots.  Each document, material in which MetaQuotes trademarks appear (e.g. website or marketing materials, news, release, adverts) whether in print or electronic form should contain an attribution statement at or near the first appearance of the mark or if multiple trademarks appear, in a logical and prominent place within the document/material.  For example: "MetaTrader is the registered trademark of MetaQuotes Ltd".
  • You may not use MetaQuotes trademarks to refer to your own software/application or services.  The name of your software/application/service shall not include any product name/service/trademark of MetaQuotes unless specifically authorized under a license agreement or other applicable authorization by MetaQuotes.
  • Use of MetaQuotes trademarks shall be in referential phrases such as “runs on”, “for use with”, “for”, "optimized for" or “compatible with”.  The name of your product/application shall not include any service or trade name of MetaQuotes. For example, "MetaTrader Points Calculator" is not a valid application name, it's better to use "Points Calculator for MetaTrader 5". Such reference makes it clear that the application is not distributed by MetaQuotes. The terms "certified", "official", "authentic" and "licensed" shall not be used unless specifically authorized under a license agreement.  This guideline is in place to prohibit use of such words to products or websites giving the appearance of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement with MetaQuotes.
  • You may not use MetaQuotes trademarks as part of you own product name, trade name, service name, logo, company name, domain name or URL  
  • You may not alter MetaQuotes Trademarks.  MetaQuotes trademarks shall not be altered, amended or modified in any way.  They must be used exactly as they appear.
  • You may not use or register trademarks or service marks that are confusingly similar to MetaQuotes trademarks or service marks.   
  • You may not use MetaQuotes Trademarks on promotional materials/products that you sell or distribute (for example, T-shirts, mugs, pens etc.) except pursuant to an express written authorization from MetaQuotes.   
  • Any  reference to MetaQuotes trademarks shall not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with MetaQuotes or MetaQuotes' products or services.
  • MetaQuotes graphics (logos, emblems), for example "MQL5" in  software/applications/services shall not be used unless specifically authorized under a license agreement.
  • Your name and details of your application name, logo, description, screenshots must be unique and free of MetaQuotes trademarks unless (1) unless specifically authorized under a license agreement or other form of authorization by MetaQuotes (though such licenses are not generally available in this context); or (2) you’re only using a MetaQuotes trademark (not including logos) to describe that your product is designed to work in conjunction with a MetaQuotes product or service and as long as your app logo and/or name:

    1. does not suggest/give the impression your app is actually published by, affiliated with or endorsed by MetaQuotes; and
    2. denotes your own unique brand so as to clearly signal to users that there is no affiliation or endorsement by MetaQuotes.

In addition, MetaQuotes logos shall not be used as a source identifier for your app icon.

  •   You may not use screenshots of MetaQuotes, product boot-up screens, opening screenshots, "splash screens," or screenshots of beta release products or other products that have not been commercially released. You may use other screenshots in advertising, in documentation (including educational brochures), in tutorial books, in videos, or on websites, provided that, in addition to the requirements above, you:
    1. Do not alter the screenshot except to resize it.
    2. Do not use parts or pieces of screenshots.
    3. Do not include screenshots in your product user interface.
    4. Do not use screenshots that contain third-party content.
  • MetaQuotes products and services-including images, text, and software downloads (the "content") - are owned either by MetaQuotes or by third parties who have granted MetaQuotes permission to use the content.  MetaQuotes shall not grant permission of use of content  owned by third parties. You may only copy, modify, distribute, display, license, or sell  content if you are granted an explicit permission under the relevant End-User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Always ensure that any references to MetaQuotes are true, accurate, fair, and not misleading or in any way objectionable (as determined by MetaQuotes).
  • You may not use any MetaQuotes trademarks as a keyword or search term in or for search advertisements including keywords for applications on ios, android, windows, etc.
  • You may not use the MetaQuotes brand assets in relation to products or services or on websites that may be considered sexually explicit, vulgar, profane, or offensive; obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or otherwise unlawful; or religiously or racially offensive or otherwise promoting hate towards individuals or groups; or that violates any applicable laws or is otherwise objectionable to MetaQuotes, as determined by MetaQuotes in its sole discretion
  • Always include an attribution of MetaQuotes’ ownership of the trademark within the credit notice section of your website, documentation or advertisement. Insert attribution where appropriate to show that MetaQuotes trademarks and logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of MetaQuotes Ltd.  For example: "MetaTrader is the registered trademark of MetaQuotes Ltd" or "MetaTrader is a Trademark of MetaQuotes Ltd"
  • You may not use MetaQuotes trademarks on or in connection with, in MetaQuotes's sole discretion, any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.
  • You may not use MetaQuotes trademarks to disparage MetaQuotes, its products or services, or in a manner that, in MetaQuotes's judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the reputation of MetaQuotes or the goodwill in the MetaQuotes trademarks.

The above guidelines are not intended to be a comprehensive and absolute guide for all trademark uses, any other use may require the express permission from MetaQuotes.  Any related questions should be directed to MetaQuotes Copyright Infringement department. For any questions please contact us.