New MetaTrader4. Build 154.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

15 February 2005

MetaTrader4 build 154.

Warning! Starting next build (build 155) the support of terminals with 152 and older builds will be stopped.

What’s new:
1. Implemented «Fixed chart position» chart property instead left side fixing. Initially mark is placed at the bottom left corner of chart window and mark position on bottom side can be changed (drag’n’drop) by mouse.
2. Updated profile saving by «Save as…» command.
3. In MQL4 extended ObjectsDeleteAll() function and removed ObjectDeleteEx() function.
4. Updated price label selection.
5. Updated ObjectGetShiftByValue() and ObjectDescription() functions.
6. Updated fixed scale chart window with indicators subwindows drawing.
7. Updated MQL4 compiler.
8. Updated object list refreshing after modification of object name.
9. Updated input of negative numerical parameters.
10. Added the possibility of extended authentification (Advanced Security) with using RSA (1024 bits) algorithm. By opening new accounts please select «advanced» in «Account type» field to use extended authentification.
11. Updated Data Center. Proxy mode is added. By security reason in Data Center it is necessary to use the investor (read-only) password.
12. Updated reading parameters of Ichimoku indicator from saved profiles.
13. Added hotkey «Ctrl+Y» for «Show Period Separators».
14. Added the possibility of rotating and aspect-ratio modification of ellipse objects.
15. In MQL4 Added MessageBox() function.
16. Updated the search on files in MetaEditor IDE.
17. Updated printing from MetaEditor IDE.
18. Extended descriptions and examples in Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.
19. Extanded the search navigation in MetaEditor IDE.
20. Updating based on crash-logs.