New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 155.

What's new in MetaTrader 4

21 February 2005

MetaTrader4 build 155.

What’s new:
1. Updated initialization of global strings in compiler.
2. Updated parameter passing with type casting in imported functions in compiler.
3. Added constant OBJPROP_DEVIATION in MQL4.
4. Updated helpfile of MetaEditor IDE.
5. «Angle» object properties are measured in degrees with tenths. Updated script example rotate_text.mq4.
6. Function SetIndexLabel(n, NULL) disable output of the information in indicator subwindow.
7. Added hotkey «Shift+F5» for switching to the previous profile.
8. Removed «1 period» limitation size by calling of some indicators from MQL4 programs.
9. Updated stdlib.mq4 example.
10. Updated ellipse drawing.
11. Updated DeleteAllArrows() function: the arrows add in UndoBuffer.
12. Updated objects control from MQL4 programs.
13. Updated account change password in «Advanced Security» mode.
14. Added ATR.mq4, Accumulation.mq4, Bands.mq4, Bulls.mq4, Bears.mq4 indicators examples in /experts/samples/indicators
15. Updating based on crash-logs.