MetaTrader 4 Trading Terminal build 625: Magazines in MetaTrader Market and New MetaViewer

What's new in MetaTrader 4

21 March 2014


  1. Added new product category in MetaTrader AppStore — Magazines. Now, users can buy not only trading applications but also trading and financial magazines quickly and easily.

    Just like MetaTrader 4 applications, magazines can be purchased at Market as well as directly via MetaTrader 4 terminal. All magazines are accompanied by detailed descriptions and screenshot galleries:

    The latest magazine issues are always displayed in the showcase, while the previous ones can be found on the Archive tab.

    To buy a magazine, you should have an account and the necessary amount of funds on it. The account data should be specified at the Community tab of the terminal settings:

    Click Buy on the magazine's page to purchase it. Purchase confirmation dialog appears:

    To continue, agree to the rules of using the Market service and enter your password. After that, the specified amount of funds will be withdrawn from your account and the magazine will be downloaded. Buy button will be replaced by Open one.

    Magazine files are downloaded to My Documents\MQL5 Market\Magazines\[Magazine name]\[Issue name]. The download may be performed in two formats:

    • MQB — this protected format is used for paid magazines. When purchasing and downloading a magazine file, it is encoded so that it can be opened only on the PC it has been downloaded to. Generation of an encoded copy is called activation. Each magazine can be activated at least 5 times on different hardware. Magazine sellers can increase the number of activations at their sole discretion.
    • PDF — this format is used for free magazines. After downloading, such file can be moved and viewed on other devices.

    The special component called MetaViewer has been added to MetaTrader 4 terminal allowing users to view MQB files. This application is launched when you click Open at the downloaded magazine page. Also, MQB files are automatically opened in MetaViewer when launched from Windows file explorer.

    MetaViewer is a convenient application for viewing books and magazines in MQB and PDF formats. Keyboard arrows are used to turn over the pages: left and right arrows — for page-by-page navigation, while up and down arrows — for scrolling. MetaViewer menu and control panel contain additional commands for setting the journal's view and navigation:
    • File — commands for opening the files and exiting the program.
    • View — display settings: interface language, page look, enabling control panel and status bar, as well as page rotation.
    • Navigation — navigation commands: switching between the pages, moving to the first, last or selected page.
    • Zoom — page scale management commands: zooming in and out, fitting height, width and actual page size.
    • Help — information about the program and useful links.

Strategy Tester

  1. Added support for optimization by a custom result implemented in OnTester handler of an Expert Advisor.

    If OnTester handler is present, OnTester result column with the values obtained from the handler is displayed in the optimization results:

  2. Added TesterStatistics function for accessing test results from OnTester handler.
  3. Added optimization by the enumeration type's input parameter.
  4. Fixed output of an Expert Advisor's string parameters in the tester report.

Trading terminal

  1. Changed functionality of Expert Advisors button to AutoTrading. Now, all Expert Advisors receive all events meant for them (Tick, Timer, ChartEvent) regardless of the button's status, like in MT5. The status of AutoTrading button affects only performance of OrderSend, OrderModify, OrderClose and OrderDelete trading functions.

  2. Added new condition for disabling the automated trading — symbol or chart period change. If that condition is enabled and symbol or chart period is changed, the automated trading is prohibited for the Expert Advisor applied to that chart.

Trading signals

  1. Fixed display of signal descriptions in the languages different from installed Windows locale.

MQL4 Language

  1. The compiler requires explicit placement of static class variables in the new version.
  2. Added receiving symbol's SYMBOL_PATH property.
  3. Added operation of OBJPROP_FILL and OBJPROP_HIDDEN object properties.
  4. Fixed IsStopped operation when changing an account. IsStopped has not returned true during an account change.
  5. Fixed ChartIndicatorsTotal and ChartIndicatorName operation.
  6. Fixed ArrayCopy operation when an array's part is copied to itself.
  7. Fixed submission of indicator level description by IndicatorSetString function.
  8. Fixed the occasional error when an indicator could receive an incorrect number of its window via ChartWindowFind() function.
  9. Fixed trimming excessively long lines using ObjectSetText() function.
  10. Fixed the error in IndicatorSetInteger() that, in case of some values, has occasionally prevented setting indicator level properties.
  11. StringSplit operation now matches the Help description - when passing NULL string, 0 is returned.
  12. Fixed displaying the elements of the static array re-distributed into the dynamic one during the execution by the debugger.
  13. Fixed passing strings in DLL when NULL is passed as a string value.
  14. Added ENUM_SYMBOL_TRADE_EXECUTION and ENUM_SYMBOL_TRADE_MODE enumerations to the language.
  15. Accelerated file operations.
  16. Fixed conversion of lines from ANSI to Unicode and vice versa for hieroglyphic languages.

    Fixed errors reported on the forum and in crash logs.

MetaTrader 4 client terminal requires support for SSE2 instruction set by PC's processor for efficient operation and high performance.

The update is available through the LiveUpdate system.