MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal build 880: Terminal Journal with Milliseconds and MQL4BUILD/MQL5BUILD Macros

What's new in MetaTrader 5

7 December 2013

Trading Terminal

  1. The time is displayed up to milliseconds in the client terminal's, MetaEditor's and MetaTester's Journal.

    The time is displayed up to milliseconds in the client terminals

  2. Improved scanning and searching for servers in demo account opening dialog - scanning speed has been increased and additional search for access points for the servers having no connection has been added.

    Improved scanning and searching for servers in demo account opening dialog

  3. Fixed and optimized client terminal, MetaEditor and MQL5 help.
  4. origin.txt file is automatically generated in the terminal data folder. This file contains the path to the installation directory that data folder corresponds to.
  5. Fixed display of the context help in a number of dialogs, windows and control elements.
  6. Fixed occasional terminal freezing during prolonged continuous operation (longer than 2-3 days).
  7. Fixed occasional loss of the list of saved client accounts.
  8. Fixed an error causing "pack bar error" messages in the Journal.
  9. Added MetaTrader 5 terminal and MQL5 language helps in Turkish


  1. Fixed and optimized MQL5 Market data storage and update.


  1. Fixed an error in overloading the function templates.
  2. Added __MQL4BUILD__ and __MQL5BUILD__ macros - MQL5 compiler versions in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 client terminals respectively. These macros can be used for displaying information about the compiler version used for compiling EX4\EX5 file in Experts log of the client terminal:

    //| Expert initialization function                                   |
    int OnInit()
       Print(__FILE__," compiled with ",__MQL5BUILD__," build");

MetaTrader Trading Signals

  1. Fixed comparison of Forex trading symbols of EURUSD <=> EURUSD.ABC form in case there are several symbols having similar main part (EURUSD), and trading is disabled for one of them.
  2. Fixed signals copying when performing balance and credit operations on the subscriber's account. The total amount of client's funds is changed after a balance/credit operation is performed. If the percentage value of signals copying has decreased by more than 1% afterwards (the volume of copied trades is calculated considering the ratio of the subscriber's and provider's balance), the subscriber's account is forcedly synchronized with the provider's one. This is done to correct the subscriber's current positions according to the new copying percentage value.

    If the subscriber's funds have increased due to the balance or credit operation, no forced synchronization is performed.

  3. Fixed copying positions in case Fill or Kill (FOK) market order execution mode is forbidden.


  1. Fixed working with the clipboard when inserting non-Unicode text.
  2. Fixed scrolling the navigator tree when moving folders using drag'n'drop

Fixed errors reported in crash logs.
Updated documentation.

The live update is available through the LiveUpdate system.

The MetaTrader 5 Trading Terminal can be downloaded at "