Automated Trading Championship 2008


1 June 2008

Automated Trading Championship 2008

MetaQuotes Software Corp., Forex Capital Markets LLC (FXCM), Interbank FX LLC (IBFX), FXDD and the TRADERS' magazine are glad to announce the start of preparations for the third annual Automated Trading Championship 2008. Just as one year before, the registration for participating in the contest will start on the 1st of July 2008. The Championship itself will start on the 1st of October 2008.

Unlike many other similar contests, not traders themselves participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2008, but their Expert Advisors - programs for automated trading. These programs will be competing within three months for the Title of the Best Expert Advisor of the Year and for the prize of totally 80 000 US dollars.

In the recent years, automated trading became widely spread. More and more traders choose automated trading systems for their numerous advantages. Unlike a human person, an Expert Advisor can make a huge amount of calculations within a short period of time. This allows the program to process more information per time unit, to obtain more reliable predictions of price changes, and make better trade decisions.

Besides, like all other computer programs, Expert Advisors are affectless. They operate according a clear algorithm and do not deviate from it guided by feelings. Expert Advisors know no tiredness either, they can analyze market situations in the twenty-four-hour mode and make independent trade decisions.

As a relatively new technology, automated trading has acquired its non-believers. Until quite recently, Expert Advisors were considered not to be able to earn money on the market without trader's intervention. Later on, some traders started to take up the position that automated trading is less profitable than the manual one. However, both statements were overthrown by the Automated Trading Championship. The Expert Advisor of the Winner of the first Championship managed to increase its deposit 3.5 times within 3 months, the Winner of the second Championship increased his deposit 13 times. Expert Advisors proved that they could earn really much.

One of the main purposes of the Championship is to raise the development of Expert Advisors among traders to a higher level. For this purpose, the course of the Championship will always be covered on the contest's website. It is an interactive internet resource where you can find a great variety of technical details about Expert Advisors behavior and the detailed reports of EAs. Moreover, statistical reports, articles and interviews with developers will be published on the website of the Championship over the whole period of the contest. These materials will help you to better understand the secrets behind the success of one Expert Advisor or another, the errors made by the authors of Expert Advisors and how to avoid those errors.

The registration for participation in the Automated Trading Championship 2008 will be started on 1st of July and last till the 19th of September; the competition will be conducted from the 1st of October till the 26th of December 2008. MetaQuotes Software Corp and the competition Sponsors invite all persons interested to take part in the ATC 2008. The win in the Championship will provide you with the title of the Best Developer of Expert Advisors 2008 and the first prize – 40,000 US dollars.