21 November 2023

XeOne Prime: "MetaTrader 5 is an indispensable tool for all brokers"

XeOne Prime brokerage company has experienced an increase in trading activity of almost 10% after launching MetaTrader 5. According to the company management, this is only the beginning. In the future, the company expects to increase profits by more than 40% through further use of the trading platform and increase in the number of clients. The head of XeOne Prime is convinced that the Company's strategy of investing in technology and innovation will pay off as early as the coming year.

Mr Laxmi Prasad, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer of XeOne Prime

14 November 2023

Amega: "MetaTrader 5 Automations help us in ensuring smooth daily operations"

Regulated Broker Amega provides streamlined services to make the trading environment more accessible to investors of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The company promotes equal-opportunity trading by offering the same excellent conditions, and the ability to use position hedging and trading robots, to all clients regardless of their deposits. To ensure the smooth operation of all its services, Amega connected MetaTrader 5 Automations.

Vadim Zhuravlev, Chief Executive Officer of Amega

2 November 2023

MetaQuotes to showcase its products at London Summit 2023

The MetaQuotes team will participate in the London Summit 2023. The Summit will take place on November 20-22, 2023 at Old Billingsgate, a traditional events venue located between London and Tower Bridges in the heart of the UK's capital. More than 3,500 people will participate in the Summit this year, over 150 speakers will share their experience from the stage and about 120 companies will set up their booths to present their new products.

MetaQuotes to showcase its products at London Summit 2023

31 October 2023

FlowBank launches enhanced rebate program for its MetaTrader 5 user clients

FlowBank a Swiss FINMA regulated bank and brokerage company, has launched an enhanced monthly rebate program that rewards its corporate and individual clients who use the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. The offer will be of particular interest to those who trade large volumes.

Mr Charles Henri Sabet, CEO and founder of FlowBank

31 October 2023

Kama Capital: "A successful trader is an educated trader"

Regulated broker Kama Capital has merged its Kama Learning Lab with MetaTrader 5 capabilities. The educational project has been seamlessly integrated directly into the trading platform. The company believes that such integration will assist its clients in executing more successful trades, regardless of their professional level and trading experience. As part of the new educational initiative, Kama Capital will broadcast signals and economic calendar events with daily forecasts directly in MetaTrader 5.

Mr. Khaldoun Hilal, CEO of Kama Capital

20 October 2023

ECOMMPAY starts providing built-in payments in MetaTrader 5

ECOMMPAY payment service provider has entered into an agreement with MetaQuotes and joined the MetaTrader 5 Payments service. Now brokers working with this PSP can receive deposits and process withdrawals directly on the platform, while traders can perform the relevant operations without logging into their personal account on the broker’s website. The new feature shortens the chain of actions during deposit operations, which boosts conversion, as well as increases the number and volume of deposits. All transactions are securely encrypted and are completely safe.

ECOMMPAY starts providing built-in payments in MetaTrader 5

19 October 2023

Supreme FX: "Our company's success is the result of a partnership with MetaQuotes"

Regulated broker Supreme FX, a brand of Sun Capital Markets Ltd., has launched the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. The management believes that thanks to the use of MetaTrader 5 they will be able to improve their offerings to traders and increase their client base.

Mr Samir Jezzini, Founder & CEO of Supreme FX

17 October 2023

RoboForex: "Our clients have been successfully using MetaTrader 5 Sponsored VPS for over three years"

Regulated broker RoboForex Ltd introduced MetaTrader 5 Sponsored VPS to its clients more than three years ago. The service launch attracted new clients and encouraged existing demo traders to open live accounts. The management believes that the introduction of sponsored hosting has assisted RoboForex in strengthening its positions and in taking a step forward in the company's overall development. Sponsored VPS is an essentially beneficial option as the broker only pays for actively trading clients who meet certain predefined conditions. For example, RoboForex offers the service to those who deposit USD 500 to their verified account.

RoboForex: «Our clients have been successfully using MetaTrader 5 Sponsored VPS for over three years»

17 October 2023

Launching MetaTrader VPS: A step-by-step guide for first-time users

Everyone who uses trading robots or signal subscriptions sooner or later recognizes the need to rent a reliable 24/7 hosting server for their trading platform. We recommend using MetaTrader VPS for several reasons. You can conveniently pay and manage the subscription through your account. If you haven't registered on yet, take a moment to sign up and specify your account in the platform settings.

Launching MetaTrader VPS: A step-by-step guide for first-time users

13 October 2023

Subscribe to new channels for developers

MetaQuotes has launched new information channels on Facebook, (Twitter), and Telegram. These channels provide daily publications of relevant technical materials from the Articles and CodeBase sections. They are designed to promptly update developers on algorithmic trading innovations, share current technological trends, and assist subscribers in solving any difficulties they may encounter. There's no need to manually check thematic sections: get the most useful and interesting content delivered directly to your favorite app's news feed.

Subscribe to new channels for developers

10 October 2023

Taurex registered a 500% increase in MetaTrader 5 accounts over the past six months

Regulated broker Zenfinex, recently rebranded as Taurex, has reported an impressive fivefold surge in MetaTrader 5 accounts over the past six months. This achievement aligns with the company's goal to evolve and enhance the overall trading experience through meaningful and impactful enhancements. Taurex's commitment to its mission is supported by the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, a strategic tool assisting the company in achieving its ambitious goals.

Nick Cooke, Founder and CEO of Taurex

6 October 2023

New MetaTrader Report: 5 key trading metrics

Successful trading in financial markets requires thoughtful and well-founded decision-making. Comprehensive performance analytics can assist traders in making informed investment decisions and in optimizing their strategies. In this article, we will look at five key performance indices which characterize trading efficiency and stability.

New MetaTrader Report: 5 key trading metrics

3 October 2023

Global Markets Group launches MetaTrader 5 platform

Global Markets Group Limited, a regulated broker from the UK, has launched the new MetaTrader 5 trading platform for its clientele.

Global Markets Group launches MetaTrader 5 platform

29 September 2023

MetaQuotes' new products generated significant interest at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

MetaQuotes showcased its latest developments at Forex Expo Dubai 2023, a two-day event held on September 26-27. As the most anticipated industry event in the Middle East, this year's exhibition attracted more than 20,000 participants, including brokers, traders, and investors from 35 countries, along with the representatives of over 130 leading financial sector companies. High-ranking government officials also visited the expo with official delegations.

Demis Gavrielides, MetaQuotes Agent in Dubai

28 September 2023

MetaTrader 5 wins two awards at Forex Expo

We are thrilled to announce that MetaQuotes has received two top awards at the Forex Expo Dubai 2023. Our MetaTrader 5 trading platform has earned the Best Global Multi-Asset Trading Platform award, while its mobile version was named the Best Mobile Trading Platform. This recognition is a clear testament to the fact that, through continuous updates and improvements, our platform stands as a cutting-edge tool and a widely acknowledged financial market leader.

MetaTrader 5 wins two awards at Forex Expo

27 September 2023

MetaQuotes releases a series of video guides for brokers

Following the global upgrade of the MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal, we have registered a notable surge in inquiries from brokers and traders. In response to this increased demand, MetaQuotes' support team has released three video guides for brokers showing how to install and customize the MetaTrader 5 Web version. These videos, each lasting three to four minutes, are available on the technical support website.

MetaQuotes releases a series of video guides for brokers

25 September 2023

Nextmarkets: "MetaTrader 5 trading platform is the undisputed leader"

Regulated European broker Nextmarkets has launched the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. In addition to commodities, derivatives and other financial instruments, the company offers cash equity and ETFs.

Volker Hansen, CEO at Nextmarkets

21 September 2023

Join us for insightful discussions at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

On September 26 and 27, the MetaQuotes team will participate in Forex Expo Dubai 2023, the largest industry event in the Middle East. Year after year, the Expo brings together investors and Forex industry leaders, offering an exceptional platform for collaboration and exploration of new business opportunities. This year's event anticipates an array of engaging discussions which will cover the most important and relevant subjects. Forex Expo Dubai 2023 offers a comprehensive look at the future of finance, covering everything from the latest investment and trading trends to market regulation specifics and the emergence of innovative payment and fintech solutions. The organizers expect that more than 11,000 traders and investors, as well as 130 companies from more than 35 countries, will participate in the exhibition.

Join us for insightful discussions at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

15 September 2023

MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments. What's next?

The major update has brought two important changes significantly enhancing the MetaTrader 5 experience. The new section of advanced trading statistics can help improve results, while the built-in payment service can simplify account top-up. In addition, we have laid the foundation for additional changes in the appearance of MetaTrader 5. We will soon present an updated interface - the platform will retain its familiar appearance, while becoming more modern and efficient.

MetaTrader 5 features trading analytics and integrated payments

14 September 2023

Another broker launches MetaTrader 5

Capitalxtend, a regulated broker, has introduced MetaTrader 5. The company's management believes that the new platform will help their clients increase the number of trading operations in any market and obtain maximum income.

Ms Soheila Rashidi, Chief Commercial Officer at CapitalXtend