5 May 2009

Opening new office in Sydney

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Sydney. Strengthening our commitment to the Asia Pacific region,this new office will provide sales and excellent services of all MetaQuotes range of products to all Asia Pacific customers.

4 May 2009

Automated Trading Championship 2009 Will Not Be Conducted

Dear clients,

Organization and conduction of the Automated Trading Championship is a very complicated and cost-consuming project. For the maintenance of this competition our company needs to involve tens of specialists from different departments. Among persons involved in the conduction of Championships there are developers of trading platforms and specialists of the software testing department.

As you might know, now we are engaged in the development of a new trading platform MetaTrader 5; its release is planned for this year. All our forces are now concentrated on the platform release, and soon it will be presented to you for beta testing. Focusing all our resources on this release, we don't want to be distracted from this target.

Besides, the new platform will contain a new environment for the development of trading strategies - MQL5 IDE. We find it more reasonable to conduct the next Championship using the new language. However, it is unlikely that potential participants will manage to learn MQL5 and write new Expert Advisors in it. Due to this the number of potential Participants may be much lower - this is sure to have a negative effect on the attraction of the Championship.

Taking into account all this we decided not to conduct the ATC this year. Instead of this we will concentrate our efforts on the release of the new MetaTrader 5 platform and next year we will conduct the Championship for Expert Advisors written in MQL5.

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform

4 March 2009

Closing MetaQuotes Demo Server

On April 5, 2009 the «» server will be shut down. However, the History Center with the minute history will continue to operate.

From this day onwards, our company will discontinue using the demo server. There is a great number of companies working with the MetaTrader 4 platform at the moment, so we don't find it reasonable to maintain our own server.

29 January 2009

Starts the distribution of TeamWox

We are glad to announce that on the 1st of February our company starts the distribution of TeamWox in all markets. Now any company from any industry will be able to purchase and use the system in their everyday activities. Especially for this product we have created the website where all persons interested can find information about the system. Besides usual means, the website offers two possibilities: to become a developer of modules for the system and to become a partner in its distribution.

1 October 2008

Automated Trading Championship 2008 Has Started!

The 1st of October 2008 is the starting date of the Automated Trading Championship 2008. All preparatory stages are behind us, registration and check of Expert Advisors are over. 705 Participants are on the start line. Now Expert Advisors will have to prove that they are able to trade and gain profit without human interference.

1 July 2008

The Automated Trading Championship 2008: Registration started!

MetaQuotes Software Corp. is glad to announce that the registration for participation in the Automated Trading Championship 2008 starts on the 1st of July! From now on till the 19th of September, 2008 all persons interested can register for participation in the contest. Participation in the Championship is free.

1 June 2008

Automated Trading Championship 2008

MetaQuotes Software Corp., Forex Capital Markets LLC (FXCM), Interbank FX LLC (IBFX), FXDD and the TRADERS' magazine are glad to announce the start of preparations for the third annual Automated Trading Championship 2008. Just as one year before, the registration for participating in the contest will start on the 1st of July 2008. The Championship itself will start on the 1st of October 2008.

Automated Trading Championship 2008

1 February 2008

The First Book on MQL4 is Published

With support from MetaQuotes Software Corp., the first textbook on programming in MQL4 is available now. The book is published on our website and is available free-of-charge.

The book is offered to a wide readership interested in developing automated trading programs for MetaTrader 4 Clent Terminal. At the same time, however, thanks to the new terms introduced in the book, it will be also interesting for experienced developers of automated trading systems.

Sergey Kovalyov, the book author, thinks that «the development of applications for MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal requires the knowledge of MQL4. This textbook will equip you with useful knowledge about how to create your own Expert Advisors, scripts and indicators and, with their help, turn your ideas, your algorithms of profitable trading, into reality.»

Nowadays, the advantages of automated trading, a twenty-four-hour management of large amounts of data and complete automation of the trading process, are easy to see. Besides, an automated trading strategy doesn't include the human factor in trading altogether. For example, the recently held Automated Trading Championship 2007 demonstrated the opportunities provided by programming of traders’ own strategies. The leader of the Championship increased his initial deposit 13 times within just 3 months! The books tells about how to write your own trading strategy using MQL4.

Table of Contents:
— Preface
— Table of Contents
— Introduction to MQL4
— Language Basics
— MetaEditor
— Program in MQL4
— Operators
— Variables
— Programming in MQL4
— Trade Operations
— Simple Programs in MQL4
— Standard Functions
— Creation of a Normal Program
— About Complex Programs
— Appendix

22 December 2007

The 2007 Automated Trading Championship Is Over

12 weeks of the most interesting and exciting event in the world of automated trading, the 2007 Automated Trading Championship, are over. The championship is finished with all Expert Advisors fully stopped. Now's the time to name the winners and hand out prizes.

27 November 2007

MetaQuotes: 7 Years of Services!

MetaQuotes Software Corp. was founded on the 27th of November 2000. Its only activity was and still is development of software for financial markets. The company has achieved much within the last 7 years. We have developed 4 trading platforms, 4 mobile terminals, created 4 development environments for automated trading, issued one book, and are preparing another one for publishing. Besides, we are organizers of two world championships — Automated Trading Championship 2006/2007.

When developing our trading platforms, we always do our best to make them really world-beating. We care of both their functionality and efficiency, and friendliness. For this reason, we always spent really much time and efforts on development of user interfaces of our software. In order to provide users with the most functional tools, we were always interested in knowing traders’ and brokers’ opinions, welcomed their comments and suggestions. All this wasn’t in vain. Today, due to its characteristics, our MetaTrader 4 is the most commonly used trading platform in the world, and traders choose our trading terminals most frequently.

Technological development produced the need and the possibility to create client terminals for mobile devices. We were among the first to provide traders with mobile terminals having developed them for our trading platform, MetaTrader 3. The programs were highly estimated by users.

Of course, the demand was not really high at that time, but it kept growing, so we received evidence that had been an upcoming trend in the field of trading technologies. Taking up the development of trading platform MetaTrader 4, we were sure that mobile terminals would be in high demand. Several years of working in this direction produced good results. Today, mobile technologies in trading are perceived as a matter of course, and one in ten of our traders use them in their daily activities.

One more upcoming trend in development was automated trading. Even our second platform, MetaQuotes, included in 2001 an integrated programming language for writing trading strategies, MetaQuotes Language (MQL). Programs intended for automated trading were called ’Expert Advisors’. Traders used them to automate their analyses of price movements and their trading as such, as well as to create their custom indicators.

At that time, a group of our traders writing their own Expert Advisors (EAs) came into being and started to grow. When developing the next platforms, we did not omit to support them and continuously improved the programming language and the environment in whole. Striving after providing traders with the best development environment and the amplest opportunities, we developed a language named MQL4. By its features, it became the best language intended for programming trading strategies and custom indicators. Since it was released, automated trading has significantly grown in popularity, and the number of Expert Advisors’ writers has essentially increased.

Automated trading boom led us to the idea of organizing a global contest among Expert Advisors. An important feature of the contest had to be full transparency and availability of all materials, as well as absolute independency of EAs. Gradually, having considered these and some other issues, we concluded that we were able to organize such a contest.

Having considered all pros and cons, we took it up, so our first championship, the Automated Trading Championship 2006 took place from the 1st of October to the 25th of December 2006. 258 developers from all over the world participated in it, and three Winners shared the prize of totally 80 000 US dollars. That Championship aroused much interest in traders. Moreover, since it was absolutely open, the Championship allowed us to collect fids of very helpful information that could be used by everybody in his or her research and development. Considering high estimate made by traders and the identified need in such a contest, we decided to make it annual.

Helping traders in their hard work, we always did our best to provide them with as much information as possible. With this object in mind, we launched different websites and communities, published articles and communicated on forums. We also published the book named Forex: From Simple to Sophisticated intended for high readership of traders. We are working on the second book now that will be devoted to automated trading. It is planned to be released in electronic format and for free. We hope that the second book will be useful for traders, too, and help them to explore the market better.

Looking back through 7 years of our services, we understand very well that traders and brokers play the most important role in our company’s life. These were mostly your comments and suggestions that allowed us to create really functional and user-friendly software solutions. These are you who help us to become leaders on the market and who make our solutions the most popular ones in the entire world.

Many thanks to you all!

15 November 2007

Userguide for MetaTrader 4 Mobile for Smartphones

Userguide for MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE for Smartphones is released.

1 October 2007

Automated Trading Championship 2007 Has Begun!

1st of October, the day when the Automated Trading Championship 2007 starts. Registration and checks of Participants are finished. 603 Participants are admitted to the Championship.

Like a year before, the Championship website has significantly changed with its beginning. All news of the Championship are immediately published there. The first page of the website always contains the TOP 15 developers’ positions on charts. Details of other Participants can be found in the corresponding section.

«Expert Advisors’ writers have done enormous work within the last 9 months. Nothing depends on them now, they can just witness the successes of their brainchildren. I want to thank all Participants for the work they have done and wish everybody much success at the Automated Trading Championship 2007», said Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp.

MetaQuotes Software Corp. deeply appreciates the Championship Sponsors:ODL Securities Limited, Alpari (UK) Limited, FXDD и TRADERS’ Magazine.

1 July 2007

The Automated Trading Championship 2007: New Challenge!

We are glad to inform you, that the 1st of July is the start date of the registration of the Automated Trading Championship 2007 participants. From now on till the 21st of September all persons interested can register for participation in the competition.

1 June 2007

The Official Release of MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE

The development of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE has been completed. Using it, you can get access to financial markets and make trades worldwide. The embedded symbol charts and technical indicators, as well as financial news, will help to make a decision about whether to open or close a position. Trading via this terminal is fully confidential and absolutely safe. If it is necessary, you can find trading history in your MetaTrader 4 Mobile any time.

23 May 2007

Starting from the 1st of July 2007, client terminal builds having numbers under 200 will not be supported

Attention! Starting from the 1st of July 2007, client terminal builds having numbers under 200 will not be supported.

23 April 2007

Beta Release of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE

The development of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE has almost been completed. At the moment, we can offer everybody a beta version of the new mobile terminal for smartphones. Download the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE and take part in the development of the new terminal. Your opinions and comments are very important to us.

Having downloaded the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE, you get:
- the full set of trade orders;
- symbol charts;
- Market Watch;
- history of trades;
- news in the real-time mode;
- alerts;
- mailing system.

Official release of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE is planned for the 1st of June 2007. In addition to the functions already embedded in the terminal, the full version will also have technical indicators.

Technical requirements needed to use the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE:
- a smartphone operated by the MS Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for smartphones or a later version;
- screen size 176х220 pixels or larger;
- 5 MB free memory.

Registration Keys
Registration keys for MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE can be purchased right now. Like MetaTrader 4 Mobile, the new terminal is distributed under Try&Buy conditions. The MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE can be used within one week without any limitations. For further use, it will be necessary to purchase a registration key ($45). If you have already purchased such a key for any other mobile trading terminal produced by our company, you can use it to work with the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE, as well.

17 April 2007

Automated Trading Championship 2007

We are glad to inform that preparations for the Automated Trading Championship 2007 have already been started and the contest will certainly take place. There is not very much time left before it starts.

20 March 2007

The Development of MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition (SE) Has Been Resumed

We resume the development of MetaTrader 4 Mobile Smartphone Edition (SE).

Let us remind you that MetaTrader 4 Mobile — a mobile terminal for PDA Pocket PC — is being used at the moment in MetaTrader 4 Platform. For it to operate, a PDA+mobile phone with GPRS or a communicator are usually utilized. As distinct from this one, the new product will not require a PDA or a communicator working directly from a mobile phone with MS Windows Mobile for Smartphones OS.

The release of the new terminal beta version is planned for the 1st of May, official release — for the 1st of June 2007.

28 December 2006

Automated Trading Championship 2006 Is Over!

The 12th and the last week of the first annual Automated Trading Championship 2006 is over. It’s time to name the Winners and to present the prizes!

The First Place in the Automated Trading Championship 2006 is taken by Roman Zamozhnyy (Rich), a Participant from Ukraine. Roman has been permanent leader of the Championship for the last two weeks. His result by the end of the Championship is over 35 thousand of profit. Roman Zamozhniy will get the gift «First Winner of the Automated Trading Championship 2006» and 40 000 dollars from Spacevision Switzerland SA. Excellent, Roman!

The Second Place is taken by Luis Guillermo Damiani (ldamiani) from Brazil. Luis will get the gift «Second Winner of the Automated Trading Championship 2006» and 25 thousand dollars from FXDD. «FXDD is proud to have been a Gold Sponsor for the 1st Automated Trading Championship 2006. We would like to thank all those who have participated and extend our congratulations to the winners!» Shawn Dilkes, CTO of FXDD, said.

As a consequence of heavy battles fought with varied success, the Third Place was taken by Nikolay Kositsin (GODZILLA) from Russia. Nikolay Kositsin will get the gift «Third Winner of the Automated Trading Championship 2006» and 15 000 dollars from Interbank FX LLC. Our congratulations, Nikolay!

The first annual Automated Trading Championship 2006 is over. We would like to thank and extend our congratulations to all Winners, Participants and Sponsors of the competition once again.

5 December 2006

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal Official Release

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal Official Release

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is a new component of MetaTrader 4 Online Trading Platform. The MultiTerminal is intended for simultaneous management of multiple accounts, for which is mostly helpful for those whom manage investors’ accounts and for traders working with many accounts simultaneously.

The new terminal successfully combines great functionalities that allow effective trading with many accounts and with exceptional usability. The program interface is similar to that of the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. It is very simple, any trader using the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal can easily get acquainted to this new program within a few minutes.

Download MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal (1.1 Mb)