11 January 2006

Disabled Support And Connections of Client Terminals With Build Numbers Under 180

Please take notice that support and connections of client terminals with build numbers under 180 have been disabled. MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal can be updated automatically using LiveUpdate or manually using new installation pack

23 December 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006!

As the year 2005 is drawing to a close, it's a good time to reflect on our achievements. The year has been marked by a number of important events such as the release of the online trading platform MetaTrader 4, the new client terminal MetaTrader 4 Mobile, and the completion of MQL 4 development. We have been fortunate to have accomplished so much thanks to a tremendous help and support of each and every one of you. So thank you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006! May the coming year bring you much more success, prosperity and happiness.

25 November 2005

MetaQuotes Software Corp. Completes 5 Years and Is Set to Grow Further

MetaQuotes Software Corp. celebrates its 5th anniversary on November 25, 2005. Four online trading platforms have been developed and millions of code strings have been written during these years. Our products have been chosen by dozens of brokerage companies and banks, and MetaQuotes Software Corp. enjoys a world-wide reputation for excellence and reliability.

Looking back over these years, we wish to give our deepest and special thanks to all those who have been supporting us during this time. We also thank all those who have been testing our products and helping improve them, pointing out our mistakes and sharing great suggestions.

16 November 2005

New version of MetaTrader 4 Mobile

MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 187

What’s new:
1. Fixed error in order modification dialog.
2. Added the feature allowing to set trailing stops for pedning orders.
3. Improved trailing stops operation.
4. Improved working through Data Centers.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile download links: — Windows Installer for MetaTrader 4 Mobile; — PDA setup of MetaTrader 4 Mobile.

25 October 2005

MetaTrader 4 Mobile now with line studies features!

MetaTrader 4 Mobile. Build 186.

1. Added line studies: horizontal, vertical lines, Fibonacci lines;
2. Added feature of working with email messages, menu «Service->Mailbox»;
3. Added feature of managing system events sound alerts, menu «Service-> Settings», tab «Events»;
4. Added German interface language;
5. Added feature of deleting the useless login;
6. Added feature of setting up the capacity of history to be stored and displayed, menu «Service-> Settings», tab «Server», parameter «Max. bars in chart»;
7. Improved chart positioning at the «Auto Scroll» option being enabled;
8. Added feature of opening chart window from the context menu of the «Orders» tab;
9. Improved appearance of prices and indicator data in the chart;
10. Modified dialogue used for changing passwords;
11. Fixed displaying of the order close price in «By request» execution mode.

3 October 2005

Release of MetaTrader 4 Mobile

Release of MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal

MetaTrader 4 Mobile has been released today, essential improvements being made to its functionality.

The following has been done in the new version of mobile terminal:
1. Enabled support of indicators. Added 30 new indicators;
2. Enabled support of Trailing Stops;
3. Enabled setting of alerts;
4. Enabled support of terminal working where display has a low resolution;
5. Fixed displaying of crosshairs on charts;
6. Fixed error in the order modification window;
7. Fixed displaying of the «History» tab;
8. Improved the operation of the active order view window;
9. Fixed displaying of the account history orders;
10. Fixed saving of terminal settings;
11. Added parameter «Chart on foreground»;
12. Fixed errors in the news;
13. Added quick setting of the price for a pending order.

Updates are also available via LiveUpdate system.

6 September 2005

Disabled Support of Client Terminals With Builds Under Number 178

Please note that the support of the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal builds under 178 has been disabled.

14 August 2005

Preliminary beta-version of MetaTrader 4 Mobile is released.

Today preliminary beta-version of MetaTrader 4 Mobile is released.

Unfortunately, a part of functions and charts drawing are not ready yet. We shall try to complete beta-version the nearest weeks and to release updatings through LiveUpdate.

All registration keys from MetaTrader 3 CE are valid for MetaTrader 4 Mobile version.

We shall be grateful for suggestions on the new program which can be downloaded by links: — Windows Installer — PDA Installer

These versions work only on PDA with ARM processors, and support of MIPS and SH3 is stopped because of their absence in the market.

15 June 2005

On the 1st of July, MetaTrader 4 will be released

MetaTrader 4 Release Date Announcement

On the 1st of July, 2005, our new Forex trading system MetaTrader 4 will be released officially. The software complex will go on sale and a free new version of the client terminal (part of the complex) will appear on our website on the first day of the month.

MetaTrader 4 is a complete solution designed to provide brokerage services at Forex and Futures markets. It includes both client terminal to be installed on the trader’s computer and back office components to process trading operations on the broker’s side.

MetaTrader 4 is the fourth version of Forex trading platform developed by our company. The new system is 3 to 5 times more productive than its predecessor. Reliability, security, ability to efficiently resist net attacks are absolute advantages of the new system.

More than one and a half year was taken by the developing on this new system. In this process, the developers cooperated closely with many brokerage companies and banks from all over the world. The most of them, considering the new system for more suitable, declared their upgrading for MetaTrader 4 even before it had been completed.

«Almost a year has passed since the first mention of the new system up to the beta-version release», said CEO of MetaQuotes Software, Renat Fatkhullin. «Now, after seven more months of testing, we can finally say: We did it!»

6 May 2005

New MetaTrader CE 1.52 has been released.

New client terminal MetaTrader CE 1.52 has been released.
In the new version the error of shut-down of programm is fixed.

29 December 2004

Happy New Year!

MetaQuotes Software Corp. thanks all users and beta-testers for support and help in development of MetaTrader system!

24 December 2004

New MetaTrader CE version 1.32 is released.

New terminal MetaTrader CE version 1.32 is released.
In the new version the following technical indicators are added:
- Alligator;
- Fractals;
- Accelerator Oscillator;
- Awesome Oscillator.
For more detailed information about mobile terminals please read «Mobile trading» page.

22 December 2004

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has established and opened new office in Singapore.

We are pleased to inform you that as of today Tuesday December 22nd, 2004, MetaQuotes Software Corp has established and opened new office in Singapore for the convenience of present and future clients. This office will be staffed by English, Japanese and Chinese speaking staff ready to assist with your enquiries.

For more detailed contact information please visit the link

15 December 2004 Website Launch

On December 15, we launched the website — a community for the users of the new MetaTrader 4 platform, which is scheduled to be released in summer 2005. Website Launch

15 November 2004

MetaQuotes Software invites everybody to MEFTEC exhibition on November 22nd, 2004

MetaQuotes Software Corp. would like to announce its participation at the International Exhibition «Middle East Financial Technology Exhibition and Conference» (MEFTEC) that will take place on November 22nd 2004, in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. The exhibition will provide information on advanced achievements in the sphere of banking and financial technologies, and should be of interest to all those involved in risk management, internal
banking, wireless financial technologies and trading systems.

12 July 2004

Beta version of MetaEditor 4 has been released

Beta version of MetaEditor 4, included as well in our new online trading platform MetaTrader 4 has been released. This is the editor of the new programming language of trading strategies MetaQuotes Language 4. It is intended for creation of Experts Advisors, Custom Indicators and Scripts working with the terminal MetaTrader 4. Programs written in MQL 4, allow to automate trading and analytical processes.

The new programming language in comparison with MQL 2 became more flexible, economic and effective. Besides, the language syntax has been changed, now MQL 4 is more similar to programming language C.