What's new in MetaTrader 4

The history of updates of the desktop, mobile and web platforms

3 May 2006

New version of MetaTrader 4 Build 193

New MetaTrader 4 build 193 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed free margin check for demo accounts on symbols with margin currency differing from the symbol base currency.
2. Revised MetaEditor Dictionary.

21 April 2006

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 192 Announcement

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 192 will be released on 26 April, 2006.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of libraries compiling.
2. Fixed error of history updating when changing accounts.
3. Fixed drawing of the list of open positions.
4. Fixed drawing of anchoring points for Equidistant Channel.
5. Only selected trendlines are available for grouped moving of objects.
6. Expert initialization function can only be called after all data have been income when starting the terminal or changing accounts.
7. МQL4: Added access to Fibo objects levels properties from programs.
8. MQL4: Fixed reading error for large strings with the FileReadString function.
9. Tester: Added optimization results cache.
10. Tester: Immediate stopping of testing when not enough memory.
11. Tester: The result is discarded if a testing limit has been reached during optimizing.
12. Tester: Added automated deletion of testing sequences in 28 days after the last access.
13. Tester: Manual changing of the «Recalculate» parameter is stored and applied at terminal starting.
14. Tester: Added automated controlling of the «Recalculate» parameter when working with testing data.
15. Tester: Added possibility to display optimization results as a 2D-graph.
16. Tester: Improved working with memory.
17. Tester: Fixed tooltips drawing on optimization graph.
18. Fixed opening of a new chart when there is a large amount of symbols available.
19. Added keeping saved of the Full Screen mode.
20. MetaEditor: Improved working when using two monitors.
21. MetaEditor: Fixed displaying of compilation error line pointer.
22. Enhanced saving of the terminal settings when using two monitors.
23. Added displaying of SL and TP for symbols processed in the Request mode.
24. Fixed drawing of objects in monthly charts.
25. Extended operation of the data publishing function: The Publisher now sends a GIF file, as well, if an detailed report is applied.
26. Added possibility to hide and show symbols as a group in the «Market Watch» window.
27. Fixed internal news and internal mail displaying.
28. Added the attempt to add the new or hidden symbols symbols in «Market Watch» at opening a profile with the charts containing these symbols.
29. Added the selection of objects from Object List window.
30. Fixed the final calculation of maximal drawdown in the detailed report.
31. Revised MetaEditor Dictionary.

1 March 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 191

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 191 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed fonts displaying error in VGA mode for some models of PDAs.
2. Fixed history data pumping.
3. Fixed updating of available internal mailing system mailboxes list at switching between accounts.

1 March 2006

New version of MetaTrader 4 build 191

New MetaTrader 4 build 191 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of outgoing traffic increasing when computer has been working for more than a month.
2. Added possibility to work via proxy servers with NTLM authorization.
3. When a transaction is transferred from history, SHIFT being pressed, a trendline will be set that connects order opening and closing points.
4. Developed data center settings saving separately attached to each account.
5. Fixed opening of a new chart window at great amount of securities available.
6. Levels of the last price are shown in offline charts.
7. Added possibility of grouped moving of selected objects if their node points are in immediate proximity to each other (within 2 pixels).
8. Errors of uninitialized strings are not output in the experts log.
9. Added normalization of lot values returned by OrderLots() and MarketInfo() functions.
10. Fixed working of ObjectGetFiboDescription() and ObjectSetFiboDescription() functions, as well as description of these functions in MetaEditor Dictionary.
11. The «#property library» feature of the source code does not cancel the start() function, i.e., the library can be launched as a script or as an expert if the start() function is available in it.
12. In the absence of the start() function, MQL4 program cannot be launched, i.e., the unavailable start() function will not be replaced with the first function of MQL4 program now.
13. MQL4: All expressions to be calculated at a global level, beyond all the functions, are deleted.
14. MQL4: The StringSetText() function allows to add a symbol to a string if the position points at the end of the string.
16. Tester: Fixed working with nonGTC symbols.
17. Fixed error causing, in some cases, early initializing of experts.
18. Corrected free margin calculation immediately after the position has been opened.
19. Corrected modeling quality calculation.
20. Corrected balance changes graph in the detailed report of the account history.
21. Added «Execution Errors» topic to the MetaEditor Dictionary.
22. Added anchoring feature for the third point of FiboExpansion.
23. Added checking for the maximum positive integer amount of bars in history in the «Tools — Options — Charts».
24. Enhanced the drawing accuracy of the second line of ’Equidistant Channel’.

6 February 2006

New versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 190

Released new versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 4 Mobile, in which the method of profit calculation for futures orders is corrected.

3 February 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 189

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 189.

What’s new:
1. Fixed appearance of messages in internal mailing system;
2. Tester: The contents of Results and Graphs tabs will be cleared after testing settings (symbol, period, expert) have been changed;
3. Tester: If orders are closed forcedly, the same comments as in the trading server will be set in them;
4. Fixed refreshing of symbols list in the popup quotes window;
5. In objects of Ellipse, Gann’s Tools, Fibonacci Arcs, fixed scaling error in charts of symbols having the number of digits after point other than 4;
6. Fixed error in scaling of Fibonacci Arcs;
7. Remade and significantly expanded Help Files in English;
8. Fixed error of double expert deinitialization at closing of the chart;
9. Fixed looping error at recursive calls in experts;
10. Fixed critical error of memory access at simultaneous working of many experts;
11. *OnArray indicators are not shown in the Graphs of testing results anymore;
12. Sorting parameters of the «Account History» tab are saved in the terminal settings;
13. At generation of account status reports, closed positions are sorted like thos in the «Account History» tab;
14. Fixed receiving of news through data centers;
15. MQL4: Fixed processing of «continue» operator in a complex expression in «case» operator body.
16. In window «Navigator» after removing of the account from the accounts list of tab «Common», this account also will be removed from the list of tab «Favorites»;
17. Advanced status bar: after click on connection status the «Login» menu will shown as popup menu. And if there exists several access points of the server, then their list with the active connection will be displayed. At click on other access point, terminal will try to reconnect to server through selected access point.
18. Improved «Andrews` Pitchfork» object drawing.

1 February 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 189 has been released

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 189 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Improved autoselection of access point servers.
2. Added indication of working through data center.
3. Fixed functioning of accounts with extended authorization.
4. Fixed receiving of news through data center.

19 January 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 188 has been released

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 188 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Performed complete tests under Windows Mobile 5.0.
2. Added displaying of HTML emails of the Internal Mailing System.
3. Fixed errors in dialog windows operation.
4. Improved updating process of the terminal through LiveUpdate.
5. New Order Window: Added automated replacing of zero prices (0.0000) with the market ones at the fisrt modification.
6. Fixed errors in indicators named Standard Deviation and Envelopes.

7. Fixed errors in program working in Qtek 9100 (i-Mate K-Jam) communicator.

8. Improved automated selection of access points.

The mobile terminal can be downloaded at:
https://www.metaquotes.net/files/mt4setup.exe — Windows Installer for MetaTrader 4 Mobile;
https://www.metaquotes.net/files/mt4setup.exe — PDA Installer of MetaTrader 4 Mobile.

12 January 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 188

New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 188 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Modify Order Window: Stop levels are defined under taking the minimal permissible levels above/below the market price into consideration.
2. New Order Window: Added displaying of price levels in tick chart + new colors.
3. New Order Window: Added automated replacing of zero prices (0.0000) with the market ones at the fisrt modification.
4. New Order Window: Added notification dialog for an early refuse to trade.

5. Experts: Added automated deletion of expert logs in 5 days.

6. Fixed updating error of the last known server time.
7. The Background property remains in objects of TextLabel and Text.
8. Added the balance chart in the «Detailed» report of trading history.
9. Fixed deletion of objects from the chart during deinitialization of scripts and experts at closing of the terminal.
10. Remade and essentially enlarged the built-in Help files in Russian for the terminal.
11. Remade the MetaEditor Dictionary in Russian.
12. Fixed saving of MagicNumber at manual confirmation of trades from experts.
13. Fixed deletion of pending orders at manual confirmation during the OrderDelete() function execution from experts.

14. Fixed the MarketInfo() function at using of MODE_MINLOT, MODE_LOTSTEP.
15. When working in the investor mode, one cannot call any trade dialog windows.
16. Fixed dialog window of file opening and saving in MetaEditor.
17. Fixed the account currency output in the tool tip appearing when the cursor is placed over the account number in the «Navigator» window.
18. MQL4: Fixed processing of ’continue’ inside of the ’switch’ operator in compiler.
19. MQL4: Removed constraints for the operational buffer capacity of 4KB for operations with strings.
20. MQL4: Introduced the new encoding of EX4 files, they are much more difficult to decode now.
21. MQL4: Added new functions named ScreenShot and SendFTP.
22. MQL4: Completely removed the SpeechText function.

23. MQL4: Removed functions named ObjectSetVisibility and ObjectGetVisibility, ObjectSet and ObjectGet with corresponding parameters to be used instead.
24. MQL4: Fixed the FirstVisibleBar function.
25. MQL4: Introduced new properties in description of indicators #property indicator_styleN, indicator_widthN, indicator_levelcolor, indicator_levelstyle, indicator_levelwidth.
26. Tester: Fixed error of placing of mistaken SL and TP in pending orders.
27. Tester: Fixed error of pending order price modification.
28. Tester: Fixed error of profits converting into the deposit currency.
29. Tester: Testing limiting dates are shown in reports.
30. Tester: Fixed error of partial position closing named CloseBy.

31. Tester: Fixed recalculation of margin requirements.

32. Tick history for Market Watch is stored separately for each server.
33. Added viewing of emails in HTML format.
34. Improved operation of DDE.
35. Fixed triggering of Trailing Stop when the TP order level has been approached.
36. Improved sorting of open positions when tested.
37. Added the «Copy All» pop-up menu string at copying of lines of optimization and testing results.
38. Improved working through Data Center.

39. Improved pumping of charts at re-connections. 40. Indicators: Fixed the shift parameter in Standard Deviation.

41. New Order: Added support for hotkeys of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V at prices setting.
42. MetaEditor: Added integrated access to MQL4.com web site. It is very easy to access to any script published at https://www.mql4.com now.
43. MetaEditor: Expanded and remade Functions Dictionary.
44. MetaEditor: Changed the compiler version. All MQL4 programs will be recompiled forcedly.
45. MetaEditor: All settings have been removed from the registry.

45. A variety of small modifications.

9 December 2005

Updated Version: MetaTrader Data Center build 286

Released the new MetaTrader Data Center build 286. History data synchronization request has been fixed.

MetaTrader Data Center will be automatically updated through LiveUpdate system. New build of MetaTrader Data Center can be downloaded at https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/metaquotes.ltd/mt5/mt5setup.exe

18 November 2005

New version of MetaTrader Data Center build 285

Released the new version of MetaTrader Data Center build 285. Reconnection after restarting of main trading server and proxy-mode functionality had been fixed.

MetaTrader Data Center will be automatically updated through LiveUpdate system. New build of MetaTrader Data Center can be downloaded at https://www.metatrader4.com/en/download

10 November 2005

New version of MetaTrader 4 build 186

MetaTrader4. Build 186

What’s new:
1. Extended the field for account password. Password maximum length is 15 characters;
2. Fixed error of setting up alerts for symbols longer than 6 characters;
3. Improved operation of the terminal through Data Center;
4. Fixed setting of hot keys for Windows 98;
5. Fixed saving of ray properties for Fibonacci Channel;
6. Fixed the LocalTime() function;
7. Fixed template loading;
8. Fixed experts initialization when switching between accounts
9. Added displaying of arrows at the chart in the tester when pending orders trigger;
10. Fixed stop-orders processing during testing;
11. Improved displaying of logs at disabled auto scroll;
12. The value of the price level of the nearest object point will appear in tooltips, not that of the current cursor position;
13. The property of «Draw object as background» is kept for triangle objects;
14. Fixed displaying of the time in the «Market Watch» window header when the account switches between servers in different time zones;
15. In of testing and optimization tabs the selected strings only are copied to the clipboard. If there are no selected strings, all strings will be copied;
16.The MarketInfo() function returns real values for all symbols, not only for futures, when using MODE_TICKVALUE или MODE_TICKSIZE;
17. Fixed control over experts launching when changing the symbol list in the «Market Watch» window;
18. Fixed calling of the Alert() function when initializing a script;
19. Introduced a new code of error 147 «Setting of expiry date prohibited by broker»;
20. Fixed pending orders modification dialogue the property of using the expiry time being prohibited;
21. Updating based on crashlogs;
22. Updated MetaEditor dictionary.

2 November 2005

New version of MetaTrader Data Center build 282

Released the new version of MetaTrader Data Center build 282 in which TCP/IP connection parameter had been optimized and receiving of maximum and minimum daily prices had been fixed.

MetaTrader Data Center will be automatically updated through LiveUpdate system.
New build of MetaTrader Data Center can be downloaded at https://www.metatrader4.com/en/download

24 October 2005

New version of MetaTrader 4 build 184

MetaTrader4. Build 184

What’s new:
1. Fixed «Common error» of terminal connection;
2. Fonts of charts have fixed size, they don’t depend on font settings of the operational system anymore;
3. Added GetObjectVisibility(), SetObjectVisibility(), SetLevelValue(), SetLevelStyle(), FirstVisibleBar(), BarsPerWindow() functions; parameters MODE_MINLOT, MODE_LOTSTEP in the function of MarketInfo() function;
4. Fixed appearance of comments for pending orders;
5. Added functionality to assign hot keys for indicators, expert advisors and scripts through context menu of the «Navigator» window;
6. Settings of the terminal toolbars were transferred to the file of terminal.ini;
7. Improved work of the Client Terminal in two monitors;
8. Added Turkish and Spanish interface languages;
9. Modified coloring of modeling quality indicator considering initial and end dates of testing;
10. Fixed «Trade context is busy» error during expert advisor trading;
11. Improved work of the terminal through Data Centers;
12. Fixed calculation of margin requirements when testing experts on futures;
13. Improved calculation of cross currencies when testing;
14. Strategy Tester symbol list is updated when relogging;
15. Updated MetaEditor Dictionary.

6 October 2005

Updated Version: MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 183

New Version of MetaTrader4 Client Terminal build 183 compatible with operational system of Windows 98 SE has been released. All terminal users working in Windows 98 SE are recommended to reinstall the terminal manually using the new installation file.

The new build includes the following changes:
1. New version of the Alerts window, sizing being possible;
2. New dialog of the chart list to be called by Alt+W;
3. Periods of 60, 240, 1440 minutes can be specified in «Publisher»;
4. The Properties window will appear when Text or Label objects are created;
5. Added functionality to call New order window by double clicking on the symbol in the «Popup Prices» window;
6. Added ability to use predefined profiles; when switching between accounts, the profile will be loaded the name of which corresponds precisely with the account number;
7. Fixed error consisting in the unnecessary recalling of the expert advisor after initialization;
8. In tester, when generating data, spread is checked whether it equals 0; if yes, the difference between the latest bids and asks will apply;
9. Permitted to download templates from any directory, not only from that of /templates;
10. At testing, if there are indicators in the tester.tpl template, these are these indicators that are output at the chart opening, and indicators used by the expert advisor under test will not be output;
11. In MQL4, added the HideTestIndicators() function with the help of which one can hide indicators completely or selectively when opening testing chart;
12. Modified dialog of changing passwords: the type of the password to be changed is explicitly specified;
13. Fixed error of impossibility to change password if the current account was authorized as an investor’s one;
14. Fixed error of «trade context busy»;
15. Fixed error of quotes buffering in DDE;
16. Added new modes in MarketInfo() function; more details can be found in the in-built Help of MetaEditor;
17. Added reading/modifying Fibo levels from expert advisors;
18. In the texts describing Fibo levels, one can specify macro %$ instead of which a corresponding price will be inserted;
19. When testing, a necessary amount of data only will be taken from History Center, not the complete bases anymore;
20. Added Bulgarian and Korean interfaces;
21. Added sorting of Account History;
22. Updated MetaEditor dictionary;
23. Fixed errors of news duplication and reading of empty news messages;
24. Simplified the window of custom indicator settings;
25. Fixed errors of «ping failed» occurring during trading;
26. Fixed error of deinitialization of custom indicator when changing symbol or period;
27. Fixed error of scale latchup;
28. Fixed error of SMTP authorization at some mailing servers;
29. Fixed erroneous rounding of swaps in the «Symbol properties» window;
30. Fixed saving the ray property in «Trend by angle» objects;
31. In MQL4, the FileSeek() function returns logical value «bool»;
32. When testing, expert processes files in its own directory /tester/files;
33. Fixed errors according to crash logs.

6 September 2005

New version MetaTrader 4 Mobile. Build 184

MetaTrader 4 Mobile. Build 184.

1. Enabled advanced authorization mode support.
2. Added Russian interface.
3. Updated working with charts.
4. Updated interaction between mobile terminal and trading server.
5. Updates based on users suggestions.

22 August 2005

New versions of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 181

MetaTrader4. Build 181

What’s new:
1. Updated reading Digits parameter from template;
2. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
3. Updating based on crash-logs.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile. Build 181.

New beta-version MetaTrader 4 Mobile with charts is released.

12 August 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 180.

MetaTrader4. Build 180.

What’s new:
1. Updated a generation process of «Every-tick» mode;
2. At generation the restriction on a maximum amount of bars on the chart is removed. For generation all accessible amount of bars is used;
3. The error with freezing of terminal was fixed;
4. Updated setting parameters of indicators on testing chart;
5. Updated close points trendlines drawing;
6. In MQL4 now all extern variables in custom libries are ignored;
7. At opening a folder with log-files using context menu, contents of log-files are dumped and stored on disk;
8. Updated saving custom adjustments of toolbars;
9. Updated changing of the investor password;
10. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
11. Updated Data Center autoselection by Data Center autoconfiguration;
12. Improved the simultaneously working experts interaction in trade context;
13. In MQL4 added GlobalVariableSetOnCondition() function;
14. In «stderror.mqh» added descriptions of new error types ERR_TRADE_MODIFY_DENIED and ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY;
15. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.

26 July 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 178.

MetaTrader4. Build 178.

What’s new:
1. Added checkbox for enabling optimization parameters;
2. Work of initialization and deinitialization functions is limited by 2.5 seconds;
3. Added the features of inputting the sender and recipient addresses in ’Email’ tab of terminal properties;
4. Optimized parameters are shown ahead of the common parameters list;
5. Added in context menu of strategy tester journals the item ’Clear All Journals’;
6. Improved Dictionary in MetaEditor in Russian language;
7. Corrected errors on crash-logs.

Attention: MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal (build 176 and older) will not be supported after several days. We highly recommend you to update your client terminals up to the latest versions.

13 July 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 177.

MetaTrader4. Build 177.

What’s new:
1. Added checkbox for enabling optimization parameters;
2. Work of initialization and deinitialization functions is limited by 2.5 seconds;
3. Added the features of inputting the sender and recipient addresses in ’Email’ tab of terminal properties;
4. Optimized parameters are shown ahead of the common parameters list;
5. Added in context menu of strategy tester journals the item ’Clear All Journals’;
6. Improved Dictionary in MetaEditor in Russian language;
7. Corrected errors on crash-logs.