What's new in MetaTrader 4

The history of updates of the desktop, mobile and web platforms

1 August 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 208

New MetaTrader 4 build 208 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Fixed generation of one-minute data if the volume is equal to 6.
2. Tester: Now reports includes the name of trade server and the build of terminal.
3. Fixed error of saving of chart as picture.

17 July 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 207, MetaTrader 4 Mobile and Mobile SE build 207, MultiTerminal build 205

New MetaTrader 4 build 207 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed considering of leap days when setting data in inputs and in Expert Advisor’s source codes.
2. MQL4: Fixed error names in stderror.h
3. MQL4: Added optimization when working with strings.
4. MQL4: Fixed processing of literals for date D’ and color N~’ when using them in macro substitutions and in substitutions of custom indicator’s properties.
5. Fixed rectangle drawing when setting too large coordinates.
6. Improved vertical scaling of charts using the mouse.
7. In the chart context menu, price levels are set considering the symbol’s tick size.
8. Tester: At generation, introduced considering of the tick size for the symbol under test.
9. Tester: At testing, the zero bar of another symbol is always in its initial state (O=H=L=C, V=1).
10. Tester: At optimization, the identical pass results are not shown in the report.
11. Tester: Fixed generation of one-minute data at open prices if the volume is equal to 1.
12. Tester: Fixed tickwise generation of one-minute data if the volume is equal to 3.
13. MQL4: fixed error of counter initialization of Mathrand() at the start of start() function.

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile and MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE build 207: Fixed error of cancellation of order.

New MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal build 205: Fixed error of wrong summary of accounts history.

6 June 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 206

New MetaTrader 4 build 206 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed the error of reading corrupted mail headers which resulted in terminal falls.
2. Tester: In Optimization Results, fixed displaying of the maximal drawdown percentage.
3. Tester: Fixed processing of limits set during optimization.
4. Tester: Fixed the error of highlighting lines in the list of results after this list has been sorted.
5. MQL4: Fixed obtaining values of some parameters in Fibo objects.
6. MQL4: Fixed the compiler error for the case of multiplying by 2 the result returned by a function of the double type.

22 May 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 205

New MetaTrader 4 build 205 has been released.

What’s new:
1. MQL4: Fixed operation of function WindowFirstVisibleBar() if it is called from function init() of a custom indicator.
2. MQL4: Improved code optimization.
3. Tester: Improved algorithm of economical recalculation of indicators.
4. Tester: Fixed modelling of nonstandard bars (for example, a 4-hour bar starting at 23:00), in case the data of this timeframe are requested at testing on data for the same symbol, but on another timeframe.
5. Tester: Fixed tickwise generation for non standard bars (for example, 23-hour bars within 4-hour timeframe).
6. Tester: Arrows for orders now contain the order number and its magic number in their descriptions.
7. Tester: Fixed error resulted in the terminal crashes after the testing conditions have been changed.
8. Fixed displaying of the «Text» object after a time coordinate has been manually changed in the object properties table.
9. Added direct links to MQL4.community from the client terminal/MetaEditor «Help» menus. Added link to the online library from the «Navigator» window of the client terminal.
10. Fixed highlighting of StopLoss and TakeProfit levels of open positions if the price is specified with the accuracy to five decimal places.
11. Enhanced protection of files containing information about accounts and passwords of the client terminal, as well as those stored in the terminal internal mailing system.
12. History Center: Fixed error in loading symbols of the #MSFT kind.
13. Fixed processing of inputs for Expert Advisors, scripts and custom indicators belonging to the ’string’ type and containing the string of zero length.

27 April 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 204

New MetaTrader 4 build 204 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of the client terminal hangup when calculating indicators on the previous indicator data within the same window.
2. Resumed displaying of free margin if the value is negative.
3. Orderly closedown of the client terminal at the operating system closedown.
4. MQL4: Fixed hangup at defining complex recursions in the compiler.
5. MQL4: Fixed error of processing complex contant inputs in the if operator in compiler.
6. MQL4: Added request identifier MODE_FREEZELEVEL in function MarketInfo().
7. Tester: Added modelling of orders freeze level at testing.
8. Tester: Fixed error of request retry on history of another symbol/timeframe within the given testing range.
9. Tester: Out-of-memory message is now shown only once during Expert Advisor optimization.
10. Tester: Drawdowns are now calculated on equity, not on balance.
11. Tester: Fixed error of overcontrolling the stop levels of pending orders.
12. Tester: Implemented a more efficient pass caching during optimization.

28 March 2007

New MetaTrader 4 Build 203

New MetaTrader 4 build 203 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Corrected drawing of object FiboFan based on closely-located anchoring points.
2. Tester: Added checking for pass counter overflow in optimizer.
3. Tester: More economical use of memory when generating a testing sequence.
4. Tester: More economical use of memory when accessing data of other symbols and/or timeframes.
5. Tester: Fixed error of repeated access to improper data, the charts of which have not been previously opened. The error resulted in considerable testing delay.
6. Tester: Fixed error of margin call calculation in function init().
7. Tester: Fixed charging of swaps at partial closing of positions using function OrderCloseBy.
8. Tester: Fixed error of spread determining in some cases of «floating» spread.
9. MQL4: Fixed error of correct definition of the end-of-file state when reading csv files.
10. MQL4: Fixed error of memory leak when comparing strings.
11. MQL4: Fixed error of processing the default parameter chart_scale in function WindowScreenShot().
12. MQL4: Fixed error of memory leak in functions having parameters of ’string’ type that are initialized by default (Expert Advisors’ recompiling is required).
13. MQL4: Fixed error of time determining by function TimeLocal for time zones without Daylight Saving Time.
14. HistoryCenter: Fixed error of deleting initial data from History Center.
15. MetaEditor: Revised Dictionary.
16. Fixed errors detected using crash logs.
17. Added Czech language.
18. Added help file of the client terminal in Chinese (Simplified).

8 February 2007

New MetaTrader 4 build 202, MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 202, MultiTerminal build 203

New MetaTrader 4 build 202, MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 202 and MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal build 203

What’s new in MetaTrader 4 build 202:
1. Improved balance chart drawing in the detailed trade history report.
2. Fixed Andrews’ Pitchfork drawing, in the case of anchoring points close to each other.
3. Added support of connection via HTTP proxy server when downloading quotes from the History Data Server.
4. Fixed calculation of margin requirements to hedged positions for contracts and Contract-Index symbols when using the initial margin.
5. Fixed WindowScreenShot function hang-up for charts with fixed scales.
6. Tester: In case of no connection during generation of fxt files, the system tries to get the latest known parameters instead of substituting default values.
7. MQL4: Fixed error of exact search in function iBarShift where there is no a corresponding bar.
8. MQL4: Eliminated the too severe type check for the ’switch’ operator .
9. MQL4: Added check for availability of the expression after the assignment operation.
10. MQL4: Error opening file for reading message is not output in the journal of Expert Advisors.
11. Tester: Added harder size limits for the generated sequence. If the initial date is set at testing, at most 1000 bars before the initial date will get into the sequence.
12. Added feature that allows to modify the Client Terminal window using hot keys Ctrl-left arrow and Ctrl-right arrow.
13. Updated custom indicator ZigZag.
14. MetaEditor: Modified search in the online mql4 code base. The search is case-insensitive now.
15. Updating based on crash-logs.

In the MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 202 and in the MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal build 203, corrected calculation of margin requirements to hedged positions for contracts and Contract-Index when using the initial margin.

27 December 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Build 201

New MetaTrader 4 build 201 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed terminal close-down at the moment of visual testing.
2. Fixed opening of orders by Expert Advisors in the «Market execution» mode.
3. Improved working of dialog windows controlling orders and trailing stops considering the symbol tick size.
4. Tester: Fixed swap calculation for some symbols.
5. Tester: Fixed triple swap calculation in the re-opening mode.
6. Tester: At force termination of testing, the Expert Advisor gets the deinitialization reason as «window closed».
7. Tester: Added price normalization for StopLoss and TakeProfit levels.
8. Fixed error of indicators recalculation when the chart window is resized.
9. Improved working with History Center.
10. Improved working of the chart tabs.
11. Revised MetaEditor Dictionary.

20 December 2006

Updated MetaTrader 4 Mobile and MultiTerminal build 201

Updated MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 201 and MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal build 201 have been released.

What’s new in MetaTrader 4 Mobile:
1. Improved work with account history.
2. Added new interface languages: Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

What’s new in MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal:
1. Improved work of «Market Watch» window.
2. Added new interface languages: Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

14 November 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Build 200

New MetaTrader 4 build 200 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Removed Multilanguage Pack, the distributive size decreased to 3 MByte;
2. Added feature to manage bookmarks of charts bar;
3. Tester: Reduced limitations on the amount of passes in genetic optimization (minimum 200 passes);
4. Tester: Imrpoved fractal modeling of a bar. Now more smoothed patterns are used to model price movements;
5. Tester: Fixed free margin calculation, which was incorrect in some cases;
6. Tester: Fixed stopuot status calculation, in case of the absolute level, not a percent one;
7. Tester: Added the margin_stopout_mode parameter in the FXT file heading structure, the heading size not being changed. The version number became 403;
8. Tester: Corrected drawing of the Ask line at visual testing in the pause status;
9. Tester: Fixed execution of deinit function of expert advisor at stop of testing;
10. MQL4: Improved working with temporary variables of the ’string’ type;
11. MQL4: Added functions: AccountFreeMarginMode, AccountStopoutMode, AccountStopoutLevel, AccountFreeMarginCheck;
12. MQL4: Added functions: IsVisualMode, TerminalPath, WindowExpertName, WindowPriceMin, WindowPriceMax, GlobalVariablesTotal, GlobalVariableName;
13. MQL4: Changed operation logic of the GlobalVariablesDeleteAll function — it is now possible to specify the prefix for mass deletion of global variables;
15. MQL4: Due to functions restructuring, renamed the following functions: PriceOnDropped, TimeOnDropped, FirstVisibleBar, BarsPerWindow, ScreenShot, HistoryTotal, CompanyName, ClientTerminalName, ServerAddress, Lowest, Highest, CurTime, LocalTime;
16. MetaEditor: Due to functions renaming, added the «Outdated Functions» section into the Dictionary;
17. Added the ray property to the object named Fibo Expansion;
18. Fixed and improved scanning of servers when connection is broken;
19. Added downloading and import of data in the History Center;
20. Fixed saving of the objects’ default flag named background;
21. Fixed saving of charts multiline comments in configuration files;
22. Added a sound file notifying about that testing is over;
23. Improved displaying of empty databases in History Center— after the first call, data are pumped and displayed;
24. Strongly accelerated working with databases on huge arrays of historical data;
25. Strongly accelerated operation of deleting large amounts of historical data from History Center, fixed error of re-offsetting the history just deleted;
26. Fixed small errors in trade logs output.

19 October 2006

Updated MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 198

MetaTrader MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 198 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed the choice of access points of the trade server.
2. Improved the scanning servers at opening the demo-account.
3. Redesigned all dialogues for devices with screen resolutions 240х240 or 480х480.
4. Fixed saving of Fractal indicator properties.

12 October 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 197

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 197 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed sorting and choice of access points of the trade server.
2. Improved working of the terminal through Data Centers.

11 October 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Build 198

New MetaTrader 4 build 198 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed sorting and choice of access points of the trade server.
2. Improved working of the terminal through Data Centers.
3. Fixed Expert initialization error when there is no connection.
4. Improved the way of how the deleted chart template names are created.
5. Tester: Fixed drawing of the Ask line in visual testing.
6. Tester: Added feature to stop/continue visual testing using the Pause button.
7. Tester: Inversed the procedure of checking stop orders. Now, the StopLoss is checked and then the TakeProfit. This is very important when using the «Open price only» model.
8. Tester: Changed the algorithm of memory allocation when optimized.
9. Tester: Fixed contract commission charging.
10. Tester: Fixed checking of free margin when pending orders trigger.
11. Tester: Fixed generation of html reports.
12. Tester: Fixed genetic optimization operation with a very large amount of passes.
13. Tester: Added feature to sort by parameters to the list of optimization results.
14. Tester: Fixed error when the visual testing window is being closed.
15. MQL4: Fixed ex4-files optimization errors.
16. MQL4: The StrToTime() function also considers seconds now.
17. MQL4: Fixed working of Expert Advisors on custom arrays that change their sizes.
18. MQL4: Added a non-obligatory parameter ’arrow color’ to the OrderDelete() function.
19. MQL4: Fixed error of memory leak when string parameters are passed to the function.
20. MetaEditor: Added support of viewing articles of the website https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/mt4 directly in MetaEditor.
21. Added Slovak interface.
22. Updated the Help File.

12 September 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Build 197

MetaTrader 4 build 197 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of switching the period for the charts with attached expert.
2. Fixed charts bar switching.
3. Fixed error of trade context emptying after timeout.
4. MQL4: Fixed error of the code optimizer.

8 September 2006

New version of MetaTrader 4 Build 196

MetaTrader 4 build 196 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Added visualization of testing.
2. Tester: At testing the expert template .tpl is applied. If such template is not found, tester.tpl is used.
3. Tester: Improved drawing of balance at testing.
4. Tester: Added the reopening positions mode.
5. Tester: Now works with all history data not limited through «Max bars in charts».
6. Tester: Corrected swaps calculations.
7. Tester: Pending orders are now executed without slippage.
8. Tester: Modified visualization control — Added slider bar to regulate the rate.
9. Tester: At visualization, pressing of F12 will immediately call a new quote, even in the standby mode.
10. Tester: Displaying of trade levels (if enabled) during visualization.
11. Tester: Deletion of objects from test chart at testing restart, if there is no test template.
12. Tester: Fixed WindowsTotal function, it returns a correct test result now.
13. Tester: Fixed checking of pending order expiry time.
14. Tester: Added memory deallocation at closing of the tester window.
15. Tester: Changed expert initialization procedure at testing. Now the expert is initialized either from the 100th bar or from the expert starting date, if testing date range is defined.
16. Fixed vertical positioning at moving of the chart with specified scaling.
17. Fixed cursor positioning for small-scale charts.
18. After the «Preview» command has been called, the arrangement of windows does not change if the chart switching toolbar is enabled.
19. Added new method of margin calls calculation: Contract-leverage.
20. Added arrangement of windows at the first start of the terminal after installation.
21. Added early termination of viewing objects properties in the «Objects list» dialog box.
22. Fixed error of expert deinitialization after recompilation.
23. Fixed history pumping at bars modifying/deletion/addition in the History Center.
24. Fixed balance graph displaying in the detailed report when showing history limited by the upper date.
25. Fixed cursor positioning for large-scale charts.
26. At failure of array initialization the message is logged in journal.
27. MQL4: Fixed error at passing some string parameters to the function.
28. MQL4: Fixed function MarketInfo() for symbols with zero spread parameter.
29. MQL4: Updated checking of parameter of function at compilation.
30. MQL4: The limit of the initial array initialization is increased to 100 MIO of elements.
31. MetaEditor: Added descriptions of trade execution errors 142, 143 and 144.
32. MetaEditor: Extension is not cut from the filename at saving of the file.
33. MetaEditor: Updated descriptions in the Dictionary.
34. Added context search in the Client Terminal Help files.
35. Added the code of Error 148 — «Too many open orders».
36. Added missing descriptions of errors instead of [unknown error].
37. When inserting arrow objects and pressing Shift or Ctrl, the arrow inserting mode is not reset.
38. Improved working with memory. Experts do not reallocate small memory segments now.
39. Improved memory control during data pumping.

8 September 2006

Updated MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 196

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 196 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed error of symbol list saving in the Quotes window.
2. Fixed error of indicators dialog box displaying.

29 August 2006

New MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 195

MetaTrader 4 Mobile build 195 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Fixed pending orders checking.
2. Fixed Stop Levels checking before trade request sending.
3. Added interruption of history pumping at account changing.
4. Fixed error of account history updating at account changing.
5. Improved the memory management at data pumping.
6. Added the new type of margin requirements calculation Contracts-Leverage.
7. Improved work with 240x240 resolution.

14 August 2006

Updated version of MetaTrader 4 Build 195 with visualization of testing

On our website new updated client terminal MetaTrader 4 build 195 is released.

What’s new:
1. Added visualization of testing.
2. At testing the expert template <expert_name> .tpl is applied. If such template is not found, tester.tpl is used.
3. Improved drawing of balance at testing.
4. Tester: the reopening positions mode is added.
5. Tester: now works with all historical data which have been not limited with «Max bars in charts».
6. Corrected function MarketInfo() for symbols with zero spread parameter.
7. Corrected positioning the cursor on the charts at large scales.
8. At failure of array initialization the message is logged in journal.
9. Improved working with memory. Experts now not reallocate small ranges of memory.
10. MQL4: updated checking of parameter of function at compilation.
11. MQL4: restriction of array initialization is increased up to 100 million elements.
12. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor.

This version of the terminal can be downloaded only from a website via: https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/metaquotes.ltd/mt5/mt5setup.exe

Official release will be next week under build 196.

Flash-file (4Mb) with demonstration of work of testing in a visual mode can be downloaded via: https://www.metaquotes.net

3 July 2006

New version of MetaTrader 4 Build 195

MetaTrader 4 build 195 has been released.

What’s new:
1. Tester: Added genetic algorithm.
2. Tester: Added more parameters to be optimized.
3. Tester: Added relative drawdown, in percents, into the report.
4. Tester: Improved the optimizer cache operation.
5. Tester: Ticks are generated more precisely.
6. Tester: Fixed error at test restart when custom indicators with objects are used.
7. Tester: Fixed error of free margin calculation.
8. Tester: Fixed error of the test graph reinitialization.
9. Tester: Fixed wrong requote at testing experts that trade with the slippage equal to 0.
10. MQL4: Added the MODE_MAXLOT parameter into the MarketInfo().
11. MQL4: Added functions named IsOptimization(), IsTradeContextBusy(), IsExpertEnabled().
12. MQL4: Fixed error of determining the line end in some source files.
13. Fixed error of displaying the background of huge ellipses and rectangles.
14. Added immediate refreshing of the account data after opening of a position.
15. Added features to use Ctrl-V and Ctrl-C in the fast navigation line.
16. Added configuration file named datacenter.ini
17. Added feature to use the configuration file at the terminal startup.
18. Client Terminal Help Files: Added sections named «Configuration at Startup» and «Datacenter.ini».
19. Modified checking of stop levels before sending the request to the server.
20. Fixed checking of pending orders.
21. Fixed linear regression calculation.
22. Added autosave of global variables after they have been modified.
23. Added autosave of the experts log after the execution of the start() function has been completed.
24. Added saving the client terminal journal to the disk after trade operations.
25. Added Italian and Dutch localizations of the interface.
26. Fixed working with offline charts that have a standard period.
27. Added forced closing of MessageBox called from an expert or a script at deinitialization.
28. Added interruption of history pumping when account is changed.
29. Added selection of all objects in the list (the «Objects List» dialog box) using Ctrl-A.
30. Fixed chart windows arrangement when they are rearranged.

2 June 2006

Development of the new mobile terminal MetaTrader 4 Smartphone

On 1 June 2006 the development of the new mobile terminal MetaTrader 4 Smartphone has started.

The new mobile terminal will work on smartphones under the following operating systems:
- Windows Mobile 2003 SE for Smartphone;
- Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition.

The following functions will be available in the terminal:
- viewing of quotes, news, charts, and internal mail;
- the lite set of technical indicators;
- sound alerts;
- the complete support of trading;
- all security modes (the standard 128-bit encrypting + RSA 1024 bit);
- LiveUpdate system;
- multilanguage interface.