What's new in MetaTrader 4

The history of updates of the desktop, mobile and web platforms

15 February 2005

New MetaTrader4. Build 154.

MetaTrader4 build 154.

Warning! Starting next build (build 155) the support of terminals with 152 and older builds will be stopped.

What’s new:
1. Implemented «Fixed chart position» chart property instead left side fixing. Initially mark is placed at the bottom left corner of chart window and mark position on bottom side can be changed (drag’n’drop) by mouse.
2. Updated profile saving by «Save as…» command.
3. In MQL4 extended ObjectsDeleteAll() function and removed ObjectDeleteEx() function.
4. Updated price label selection.
5. Updated ObjectGetShiftByValue() and ObjectDescription() functions.
6. Updated fixed scale chart window with indicators subwindows drawing.
7. Updated MQL4 compiler.
8. Updated object list refreshing after modification of object name.
9. Updated input of negative numerical parameters.
10. Added the possibility of extended authentification (Advanced Security) with using RSA (1024 bits) algorithm. By opening new accounts please select «advanced» in «Account type» field to use extended authentification.
11. Updated Data Center. Proxy mode is added. By security reason in Data Center it is necessary to use the investor (read-only) password.
12. Updated reading parameters of Ichimoku indicator from saved profiles.
13. Added hotkey «Ctrl+Y» for «Show Period Separators».
14. Added the possibility of rotating and aspect-ratio modification of ellipse objects.
15. In MQL4 Added MessageBox() function.
16. Updated the search on files in MetaEditor IDE.
17. Updated printing from MetaEditor IDE.
18. Extended descriptions and examples in Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.
19. Extanded the search navigation in MetaEditor IDE.
20. Updating based on crash-logs.

4 February 2005

New updates in MetaTrader4 build 153.

MetaTrader4 build 153.

What’s new:
1. Updated Dictionary in MetaEditor IDE.
2. Added Dictionary serch tab in MetaEditor IDE.
3. Added file commands processing in Navigator window of MetaEditor IDE.
4. By files search in MetaEditor IDE the search string automatically filled by selected text.
5. Updated «Trend by angle» object (please setup exisiting objects once more).
6. Added Left Price Label (code 5) and Right Price Label (code 6) symbols.
7. Using MarketInfo() in MetaEditor IDE can be returned minimum Stop Loss level (use MODE_STOPLEVEL parameter).
8. Added ChartShift label (on upper side of chart) that can be easy moved to new shift value by mouse.
9. Updated working with objects.
10. Updated PopupPrices properties.
11. Updated «by reference» function calling.
12. Updated lots modification.
13. In SetIndexStyle() can be used EMPTY for parameters passing.
14. Updated functions returning time value.
15. In MQL4 LocalTime() returns local time, instead GMT.
16. Updated text inscriptions in Terminal.
17. In order with traling stop the «SL» field is filled by yellow color after first execution of traling stop.
18. Decreased demo-account registration requirements.
19. Updated software by users crash-logs.

27 January 2005

In new build of Client Terminal MetaTrader4 build 152 added investor password feature.

MetaTrader4 build 152.

What’s new:
1. Added investor password for an entrance on account without trading. Unfortunately, the accounts list in «Navigator» window will be lost. Accounts are not deleted on the server side and they can be added again to the accounts list of «Navigator» window, using logins and passwords sent by internal mail.
2. Now all demo-accounts have unlimited validity. The server will delete only those demo-accounts which were not active within last 30 days.
3. Added OBJPROP_TIMEFRAMES property for objects control from MQL4 programs, thus «-1» value means invisibility of the object on all timeframes.
5. Added ObjectDescription() function, which returns the object description.
6. Added «Ctrl+F» hotkey for enabling «Crosshairs» mode.
7. Updated order opening notification.
8. Added ArrayInitialize() function.
9. Added indicator visualization property for different timeframes.
10. Updated order type information output in log-file at closing order.
11. Added WindowOnDropped() function, returning current number of window on which there was Drag’nDropped the expert advisor or script program. In case of custom indicator this function returns number of window in which it works.
12. Added PriceOnDropped(), TimeOnDropped(), WindowXOnDropped(), WindowYOnDropped() functions returning the logical and physical coordinates where the scripts or expert advisor programm was dropped using mouse.
13. In MQL4 updated converting «number to string» operation.
14. Updated processing some parameters in «by reference» method.
15. Updated Dictionary in MetaEditor IDE.
16. In Dictionary added «WingDings» symbols table.
17. PlaySound() function will play files from /sounds directory.
18. Added possibility of disabling indicator information output in «Data Window».
19. Enabled automatic recompilation of libraries.
20. Added own color propertiy for each arrow.

20 January 2005

New build of Client Terminal: MetaTrader4 build 151

MetaTrader4 build 151.

What’s new:
1. Updated expert advisor recompilation.
2. By initialization the indicator arrays are zero-filled. 3. Updated MetaEditor help-files. 4. Updated pending order modification.
`5. Updated duplicating objects: objects parameters are not replaced by defaults.
6. Updated trailing-stop levels drawing.
7. Updated ColorPicker module in dialogue of experts advisor.
8. Updated deinit() function in MQL4.

16 January 2005

New updates in Client Terminal MetaTrader4 build 150.

MetaTrader4 build 150.

What’s new:
1. Added «Unselect All» item on objects popup menu.
2. Double-click on charts right-side cancels chart’s scaling mode by mouse. By «Scale fix one to one» option this action equal to pressing «5» button on additional keypad.
3. Updated «Charts»->"Templates" menu.
4. Added checking earlier Windows-version. 5. Updated pending order modification function.
6. Updated MetaEditor help-files.

14 January 2005

New client terminal version MetaTrader4 build 149.

MetaTrader4 build 149.

What’s new:
1. Added for objects «Undo» function by Ctrl+Z, Alt+BackSpace hotkeys.
2. Updated saving levels values for window indicators and Fibo line studies. It is necessary to setup your existing levels.
3. Added showing angle value in tooltip of «Trend by angle» object.
4. Added «LocalTime» and «OrderCloseBy» functions in MQL4.
5. Updated CurTime (returns the server time) function in MQL4.
6. Updated working with arrays in MQL4.
7. Updated showing prices properties in alerts.
8. Added «Deviations» parameter for «Standard Deviation Channel» object.
9. Updated parameter-by-reference passing through several functions in MQL4.
10.Updated processing of indicator arrays in custom indicators.
11.Many corrections in help files of MetaEditor.
12.In MetaEditor the possibility of Breakpoints (F9) inserting is implemented.
13.Updated the charts tab-sequence. 14.Complicated the DLL-example in ExpertSample.
15.Added the Custom Trailing Stop.
16.Orders comments are limited to 27 characters, 4 last characters are reserved for server comments: «[sl]», «[tp]», «[so]».
17.Updated the Russian help-file selection.
18.Link to www.metaquotes.net in «About» window is shown depending on the country language of Windows OS.
19.More detailed output information in trading windows.
20.Added possibility of copying in standard control («Ctrl+X» hotkeys).
21.Updated efficient recalculation of indicators.
22.Added showing of «Description» property of «Rectangle» object.
23.In MultiLanguage Pack the error with definition of the resource identifier is corrected.
24. LiveUpdate process is accelerated.

7 January 2005

New build of Client Terminal: MetaTrader4 build 148

MetaTrader4 build 148

What’s new:
1. Updated S/L level modification property.
2. Updated MQL4 compiler by unused functions property.
3. Updated import from MetaTrader 3.xx.
4. Added «Text label» on graphics objects toolbar.
5. Changed background colors of approach indication to S/L level.
6. Updated ZigZag custom indicator.
7. Added Undo property for graphics objects (but it is not enabled).
8. Updated MetaEditor built-in MQL4 description.

6 January 2005

New build of Client Terminal: MetaTrader4 build 147

MetaTrader4 build 147.

What’s new:
1. Updated indicators refreshing.
2. Updated «Max bars in a chart» property.
3. Updated columns properties in lists of transactions and a history of transactions.
4. Added yellow/red colors filling on the list of transactions: S/L, T/P, Open price levels.
5. Added Drag’n’Drop symbols of transactions from the list of positions to charts, also if Ctrl button is pressed then there is an opening new window.
6. Added Drag’n’Drop transactions from a history of transactions: using this property you can add on chart the symbols of open and close price of the transaction.
7. Added Drag’n’Drop property for symbols: if Ctrl button is pressed then there is an opening new window.
8. Updated HTML-format transactions reporting.
9. Added input of prices with comma divider.
10. All trading operations are shown in one window.
11. Expanded S/L and T/P modification window by predefined levels.
12. Added calling necessary trading window depending on mouse position clicking.
13. Updated visual trading property.
14. Double-click on disabled-for-trading symbol does not open a trading window.
15. Updated trend binding points.
16. Updated object filling property.
17. By terminal restarting the charts scale fixing is restored.
18. By terminal restarting the attached experts are restored.
19. Trendline by corner is not magnetized any more.
20. Updated drawing in a mode of pieces in кастом indicators is corrected.
21. Updated columns autoarrange property.
22. Updated Accumulation/Distribution indicator.
23. Updated periodisity toolbar.
24. Added example with DLL and MQL4 (VC++ project of DLL placed in experts/sample/ExpertSample).
25. Added price displaying at the second point using Crosshair.

22 November 2004

Download MetaTrader 4 beta-version

MetaQuotes Software placed in public view the beta-version of online trading system MetaTrader 4 and inviting everybody to take part in testing of client terminal.

You can download MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal from following address: https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/metaquotes.ltd/mt5/mt5setup.exe

18 November 2004

Beta-release of MetaTrader 4 is scheduled on November 22nd, 2004

On November 22nd, 2004, MetaQuotes Software will release the beta-version of the online trading system MetaTrader 4. On this day, the test server will be working in free mode and beta-version of the new client terminal will be accessible from this server. MetaQuotes Software invites everybody to take part in testing of the beta-version of new MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal at this time.

MetaTrader 4 is an online trading terminal designed for the execution of trading operations and analysis of market information. A wide range of orders allows the flexible management of trading activities, and the analytical side of the terminal is represented by a set of technical indicators and line studies.
There is also a built-in programming language for trading strategies MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL 4) and a developer environment MetaEditor 4. MQL 4 allows the creation of Expert Advisors (mechanical trading systems), Custom Indicators (analogs of technical indicators) and Scripts.

Also on this day, November 22nd 2004, the launch of the new MetaQuotes web-site is scheduled. On this site you will find the detailed descriptions of: online trading system MetaTrader 4, MetaQuotes Language 4, analytical tools and other helpful information. For online support of our software products, request forms and forum are integrated into this new site.

20 September 2004

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.30 has been released.

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.30 has been released:

  • dialogues of news and mails are reconsidered.

2 June 2004

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.27 for Pocket PC has been released

New version of MetaTrader СЕ 1.27 for Pocket PC has been released:

  • processing of requote operation at opening and closing of positions in mode Instant Execution is improved.

8 March 2004

New version of MetaTrader СЕ 1.25 for Pocket PC has been released:

New version of MetaTrader СЕ 1.25 for Pocket PC has been released:

  • new technical indicators were added: Parabolic SAR, Commodity Channel Index, Momentum;

  • list of companies whereby accounts can be opened was added;

  • fixed the error while pumping long list of symbols.

25 February 2004

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.21 has been released

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.21 has been released:

  • fixed the error on closing positions with partial lots.

15 February 2004

New version of MetaTrader 3.82, MetaTrader CE 1.20 and MetaTrader for Palm 1.70 has been released

New version of MetaTrader 3.82 has been released:

  • correction on the requote mechanism in the experts function;

  • correction on Gann Fan work;

  • correction on the crashlogs of users in the terminal, in the editor and compiler of MQL II;

  • cosmetic changes have been made.

MetaTrader CE 1.20:

  • error on constant charts updating has been corrected;

  • the lag error occurring with use in the Chart Shift mode has been rectified;

  • error with superfluous bars on weekly charts has been corrected;

  • the error «Invalid login» sometimes arising at execution trading operations has been corrected;

  • correction on recalculation of the profit on some securities.

MetaTrader for Palm 1.70:

  • error on displaying fractional lots has been corrected;

  • error with dump of the chosen instruments list after reconnect has been corrected;

  • error on automatic reconnection has been corrected;

  • improvement of the network performance;

  • correction on recalculation of the profit on some securities.

5 January 2004

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.16 has been released

New version of MetaTrader CE 1.16 has been released:

  • fixed the error with frequent and full refresh of charts;

  • fixed the error of possible lack on Chart Shift mode.