What's new in MetaTrader 4

The history of updates of the desktop, mobile and web platforms

8 July 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 176.

MetaTrader4. Build 176.

What’s new:
1. Disabled working with objects by optimization process;
2. Added modelling a zero bar of the another’s period on the tested symbol;
3. During testing at indicator reference to the another’s period and symbol, the delay for pumping the missing data is executed;
4. The line of parameters is split with tab symbols during its copying into clipboard;
5. Updated optimization parameters search;
6. Added the feature of «tester.tpl» pattern usage by opening testing results charts;
7. Changed testing dates format to YYYY.MM.DD;
8. Added the feature to show input parameters in the optimization results tab;
9. Updated sorting by symbol in the list of open positions;
10. Updated experts reinitialization by account changing;
11. Updated TimeToStr() function;
12. Updating based on crash-logs.

MetaTrader 4. Build 175.

What’s new in MetaTrader 4. Build 175:
1. Added Strategy Tester. More detailed information in built-in help file of terminal;
2. You can open in offline mode the chart with generated testing data containing bar ticks;
3. Added sorting of orders in «Terminal» window;
4. Unused tabs of the terminal disappear;
5. Added the detailed report of account statement;
6. Added the feature of copying of news header into a clipboard;
7. Added expert reinitialization by changing accounts;
8. Added saving and loading the sets of input parameters of Expert Advisors;
9. Added the feature of automatic publication on FTP after changing account statement;
10. Updated quotations last time viewing in «Market Watch» window;
11. Updated account history refreshing by reconnection between various MetaTrader 4 servers;
12. Enhanced login and password fields of FTP properties;
13. Added viewing of seconds of last quotation time in «Market Watch» window header;
14. Updated ellipses, Fibonacci arcs and Gann tools scaling in indicator separate window;
15. In MQL4 functions added iBarShift(), AccountCompany(), CompanyName(), ClientTerminalName() functions;
16. Implemented additional scale of chart increase;
17. Added viewing of the contract specification (button «Properties») in the symbols list;
18. Updated histograms drawing;
19. Windows adjustments moved from registry to ’terminal.ini’ file;
20. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
21. Updated built-in help file and icons of terminal;
22. Updating based on crash-logs.

1 July 2005

MetaTrader 4 Official Release

MetaTrader 4 Official Release

We are glad to inform that our latest development, online trading platform MetaTrader 4, has been released on July, 1. MetaTrader 4 is one of the best platforms in the world designed for organizing brokerage service on Forex and Futures.

This new system has been developed for almost one and a half of a year. Our complex has been largely changed during this time period following the dynamic environment of financial markets. Something had to be rejected, other new things were realized. In any case, these changes were imposed by the striving for making MetaTrader 4 even more perfect and convenient tool for financial markets.

Our clients — both brokers and traders — rendered invaluable assistance in the whole course of the developing period. We are happy to express our thanks to all those who supported us, made suggestions and generated ideas for improving of the new system. With your help, we managed to make MetaTrader 4 even better. Thank you very much!

6 June 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 173.

MetaTrader4. Build 173.

What’s new:
1. Updated objects drawing by timeframes changing;
2. Updated DDE data export;
3. Added «Publish» tab in «Tools->Options» window. Now you can easy publish your realtime statment on your web-site; 4. Added time parameter by chart printing.

3 June 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 172.

MetaTrader4. Build 172.

What’s new:
1. Updated CurTime() function;
2. Updated expert initialization function;
3. Enabled importing from other symbols (in HST format);
4. In MQL4 added StringConcatenate() function;
5. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
6. Updating based on crash-logs.

30 May 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 171.

MetaTrader4. Build 171.

What’s new:
1. Fixed chart «freezing» effect;
2. Increased the global variables lifetime up to 4 weeks from last using time. Now you can modify the last access time of global variable from your MQL4 program just by reading operation;
3. Updated commission displaying on «Account History» tab;
4. Updated temporary string passing as parameters of library functions;
5. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
6. Updating based on crash-logs.

23 May 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 170.

MetaTrader4. Build 170.

What’s new:
1. In MQL4 updated string copy method;
2. Updated deinitialization of separate window custom indicator;
3. Updated charts drawing;
4. Updated data pumping;
5. Updated «As Term Currency» profit visualization for Futures;
6. Changed viewing closed positions, attached by drag’n’drop from «Account History» tab. Instead of open-close position arrows the price labels with corresponding colors are attached;
7. Added French language;
8. To main window caption the «Demo Account» indication is added;
9. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
10. Updating based on crash-logs.

10 May 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 169.

MetaTrader4. Build 169.

What’s new:
1. Updated working through DataCenter;
2. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
3. Updating based on crash-logs.

29 April 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 168.

MetaTrader4. Build 168.

What’s new:
1. Updated data pumping;
2. Updated working through DataCenter;
3. Updated last data viewing in «Data Window»;
4. Updated internal news receiving;
5. Updated internal mail working;
6. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
7. Updating based on crash-logs.

19 April 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 167.

MetaTrader4. Build 167.

What’s new:
1. Updated LiveUpdate service. Please download the last build of the terminal from our site and install it;
2. Updated «Standard deviation channel» object;
3. Updated internal e-mail service operation;
4. Added index arrays initialization by empty values;
5. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.

14 April 2005

Updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 166.

MetaTrader4. Build 166.

What’s new:
1. Updated profit calculation of cross-courses orders;
2. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.

12 April 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 165.

MetaTrader4. Build 165.

What’s new:
1. Updated data pumping;
2. Updated array reinitialization in MQL programs;
3. Increased pumping time of closed charts up to 30 minutes;
4. Added DRAW_NONE drawing style for custom indicator. You can see an examples in Accelerator.mq4 and Awesome.mq4 custom indicators;
5. Updated LocalTime() function with summertime correction;
6. Updated SL and TP parameters settings in manual order confirmation;
7. Updated files numeration in «chartXX.chr» format;
8. Parameters of last account history request (except for request of all account history) are stored in settings file and used at the next start of terminal;
9. In the custom indicators and expert advisors by recompilation the initial values are restored, and in custom indicators the lines colors also are restored.
10. Added Arabic and Farsi languages;
11. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE.

7 April 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 164.

MetaTrader4. Build 164.

What’s new:
1. Added iBars() function in MQL4;
2. Updated array reinitialization in MQL programs;
3. Updated «Market Watch» window operation;
4. Added Polish language;
5. Updated global variables deleting from dialogue;
6. Added confirmation of script removing through timeframe changing;
7. Updated calculated parameter passing to function in MQL4;
8. Updated Dictionary of MetaEditor IDE;
9. Updating based on crash-logs.

4 April 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 162.

MetaTrader4. Build 162.
What’s new:
1. Added UninitializeReason() and IsConnected() functions in MQL4;
2. Added iTime(), iOpen(), iClose(), iHigh(), iLow(), iVolume() new functions in MQL4;
3. Updated the expert initialization after recompilation;
4. When opening a file for writing in a non-existing subdirectory, the latter is created automatically;
5. As a result of Open, Close, Modify trading operations, the parameters selected with OrderSelect() order do not change;
6. When modifying an order, an arrow with changed parameters is drawn;
7. Reduced the metatrader label by printing;
8. Added sound event for Trailing Stop;
9. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
10. Updating based on crash-logs.

25 March 2005

New client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 160.

MetaTrader4. Build 160.

What’s new:
1. Updated main icons of terminal.
2. Updated calling functions inside libraries.
3. In MQL4 added IsDllsAllowed, IsLibrariesAllowed functions.
4. By opening new demo-account you can select country from the list.
5. Updated margin calculation.
6. Expert advisor programs stopped by unsuccessful calling external function.
7. Stored Background property of Fibo-Expantion object.
8. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
9. Updating based on crash-logs.

18 March 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 159.

MetaTrader4. Build 159.

What’s new:
1. Added predefined levels for custom indicators.
2. Added «#property show_confirm» script property, which calls a confirmation window.
3. Added «#property show_inputs» scpirt property, which calls property sheet.
4. In MQL4 added FileOpenHistory() function, which opens *.HST file in history quotations directory.
5. Added «period_converter.mq4» script sample, forming *.HST file with non-standard timeframe. The generated HST-file can be opened offline (File — Open Offline).
6. In MQL4 added WindowHandle() function, which allows to determine chart window with exact symbol and timeframe.
7. Added order details in window header of modifying and closing position order window.
8. Updated opening the offline charts with a non-standard symbol.
9. Added additional veryfication for trading in function IsTradeAllowed.
10. Updated FileWriteString() function.
11. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
12. Updating based on crash-logs.

11 March 2005

New client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 158.

MetaTrader4. Build 158.

What’s new:
1. Added English help-file of MetaEditor.
2. Added hotkeys «Shift+F12» for 1-bar backward shift of the active chart.
3. At the first calling historical data (ArrayCopySeries, indicators at other periods) from MQL4 programs, error number 4066 will occur in the LastError field, this means that the refresh data command is sent to the server.
4. All settings of the terminal, except for the chart windows size and toolbars settings, are stored now in «terminal.ini» file.
5. It is possible to move one of points of trendlines or channels by pressing Shift key.
6. Updated process of the trading dialogue window closing.
7. Added «Ray» property for Fibo-Retracement object, disabling of which will limit the length of horizontal lines.
8. Updated symbol selector when opening an order. When calling «New order» window from the active chart context menu and from «MarketWatch» window, the active symbol is substituted. Calling «New order» window with F9 key and from context menu of the terminal, the symbol is substituted according to terminal options.
9. Updated drawing of Gator Oscillator bottom histogram.

4 March 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 157.

MetaTrader4. Build 157.

What’s new:
1. Updated Highest(), Lowest() functions.
2. Updated Data Window control.
3. Updated Fibo-objects duplicating.
4. Updated orders dialog window; added color buttons.
5. Updated MetaEditor IDE main menu.
6. Updated process of drawing histograms and vertical lines.
7. Updated Fibo Fann.
8. Introduced Japanese version of the system.
9. Updating based on crash-logs.

28 February 2005

Trademark "MetaTrader" is registered in Rospatent (Russia).

MetaQuotes Software Corp. has officially registered trademark "MetaTrader", trademark certificate 281939 of Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademarks (Rospatent).

25 February 2005

New client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 156.

MetaTrader4 build 156.

Attention: MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 152 and less than 152 is not supported by MetaTrader 4 Server. Please update your client terminal.

What’s new:
1. Updated array passing as parameter into imported functions.
2. Updated account history displaying by new transactions.
3. Updated ArrayCopySeries() and ArrayCopyRates() functions by using default settings.
4. Updated StringTrimRight() function.
5. Updated LiveUpdate program by changing proxy settings.
6. Extended period separators drawing on indicator subwindow.
7. On offline charts start() function of expert advisor program do not execute by new ticks.
8. Added path saving after execution «Save As» command.
9. Placed in «Favorites» tab built-in indicators can be attached to chart by double-click.
10. Updated help-file of MetaEditor IDE.
11. Updating based on crash-logs.

21 February 2005

New updates in client terminal MetaTrader4. Build 155.

MetaTrader4 build 155.

What’s new:
1. Updated initialization of global strings in compiler.
2. Updated parameter passing with type casting in imported functions in compiler.
3. Added constant OBJPROP_DEVIATION in MQL4.
4. Updated helpfile of MetaEditor IDE.
5. «Angle» object properties are measured in degrees with tenths. Updated script example rotate_text.mq4.
6. Function SetIndexLabel(n, NULL) disable output of the information in indicator subwindow.
7. Added hotkey «Shift+F5» for switching to the previous profile.
8. Removed «1 period» limitation size by calling of some indicators from MQL4 programs.
9. Updated stdlib.mq4 example.
10. Updated ellipse drawing.
11. Updated DeleteAllArrows() function: the arrows add in UndoBuffer.
12. Updated objects control from MQL4 programs.
13. Updated account change password in «Advanced Security» mode.
14. Added ATR.mq4, Accumulation.mq4, Bands.mq4, Bulls.mq4, Bears.mq4 indicators examples in /experts/samples/indicators
15. Updating based on crash-logs.